​Turkish Akinci Drone Will Get Swarm-Capable Alpagut Loitering Munitions (Video)

ALPAGUT under the wing of Baykar Akinci unmanned aerial system / Screenshot credit STM
ALPAGUT under the wing of Baykar Akinci unmanned aerial system / Screenshot credit STM

New kamikaze drones can take off from various platforms including other UAVs and destroy russian Pantsir-S1

Two Turkish companies Roketsan and STM have presented their new development, the ALPAGUT loitering munition which is launched from unmanned aerial systems. The video-demonstration of its capabilities was published on STM’s YouTube channel.

As noted by the manufacturers, the ALPAGUT was designed as a "portable multiple-use UAV-kamikaze" that can both provide reconnaissance and destroy targets.

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The first noteworthy feature about the ALPAGUT is that it can be launched from a variety of platforms: from the ground, from unmanned aerial vehicles (including Akinci, Bayraktar TB3, Anka, etc.), helicopters and sea-based carriers.

ALPAGUT takeoff from the ground launcher / Screenshot credit: STM

This way the ALPAGUT carriers will be able to launch the drone from a safe distance or deploy them deep in the enemy rear, where the available own weapons won’t reach.

The second notable thing is the demonstration of ALPAGUT use in a swarm when two of them are launched from the UAV, and two more from a ground-based platform, as featured in the video.

The concept of ALPAGUT kamikaze drone usage in a swarm mission / Screenshot credit STM

After being launched, ALPAGUT drones loiter around designated areas waiting for a target at altitudes from 300 to 1,500 m, and attack.

As stated, ALPAGUT can operate both in day and night conditions. The primary targets for them are radar stations, communication, air defense systems. In particular, the video demonstrates destruction of a russian Pantsir-S1 advanced air defense system.

"ALPAGUT can detect and recognize targets with its two-mode seeker without being noticed, and is unaffected by jamming systems," the developers say.

russian Pantsir-S1 anti-aircraft missile and artillery complex was chosen as a demonstration target for the ALPAGUT in the video / Screenshot credit STM

Specifications of the ALPAGUT drone:

  • Length 2.3 m
  • Wingspan 2.5 m
  • Operational range (when launched from air platform) 60 km
  • Maximum flight duration 60 minutes
  • Weight 45 kg
  • Warhear 11 kg
ALPAGUT at a joint presentation by STM and Roketsan / Photo credit: STM
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