​It Became Clear How russians ‘Shoot Down’ HIMARS Rockets by the Hundreds (Video)

Launch of GMLRS rockets / Photo credit: US DoD
Launch of GMLRS rockets / Photo credit: US DoD

The russian federation seems to have realized that no one believes the lie about the "intercepted HIMARS flocks" and added an epic video revealing truth on how they destroy Ukrainian rockets

In the so-called ministry of defense of the russian federation (in Ukraine, this russian department is called the Ministry of Assassination) every day they declare, if not about the destruction of the HIMARS launchers themselves, then about the constant interception of missiles used by this system.

Most of the russians themselves don't believe such a bunch of lies. That is probably why the russians decided to finally publish a video of the "shooting down" of a HIMARS missile. This message is so epic that the only option to prove that the Rashists have “fallen below the plinth” in their propaganda is to show the original, from the russian state media:

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The "unique footage" allegedly captured the very interception of the missile from HIMARS. It is difficult to say what exactly is happening in reality. It can be the launch of an anti-aircraft missile from some short-range air defense system that explodes in the air.

It should be noted that GMLRS missiles for HIMARS not only launch completely differently, but also fall on the target along a completely different trajectory.

In particular, the launch takes place at large angles in order for the rockets to reach the maximum height faster, and their turn to hit the target is almost vertical to the surface of the earth. In addition, the speed of the GMLRS missile on the terminal section of the trajectory is Mach 2.5.

With this in mind, the GMLRS is essentially a ballistic target. And the interception of such objects in real life happens as follows:

It is difficult to establish exactly what is happening in the video by russian propagandists, but certainly nothing that was even slightly similar to the destruction of a GMLRS missile, launched from a HIMARS MLRS.

Now it is quite clear how the statistics of the interception of Ukrainian GMLRS missiles are created by the russians.

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