Hundreds of Drones for Ukraine: Czech Republic Launches Production of Reconnaissance and Strike UAVs

Photo credit: E15.cz
Photo credit: E15.cz

The Czech-Ukrainian company UAC began producing reconnaissance and attack drones for the Ukrainian army. It plans to manufacture hundreds of drones annually

"We started trial operations in November and full-scale operations in April. This is literally wartime production; our exclusive customer is the Ukrainian army," said UAC Executive Director Pavlo Bulant.

As noted in the E15 publication, the process starts with the most complex part, namely, precise electronics. The assembly of motherboards and entire electronic blocks is fully overseen by technological equipment and professional workers. The same procedure is followed when assembling optical containers for monitoring the battlefield and guiding artillery fire or guided missiles.

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Other operations include 3D printers, computer-controlled machine tools, and the production of airplane fuselages and wings from molds. Individual steps follow each other. "We are practically fully self-sufficient, with a minimum of subcontractors. We buy from them, for example, electric and internal combustion engines to power drones," adds Bulant.

As noted in the publication, Building a fully functional machine is a matter of minutes, whether it is Stork scout drones for battlefield surveillance or Mace kamikaze drones for destroying tanks, infantry fighting vehicles, warships, or group targets.

Photo credit: E15.cz

"Now, delivering unmanned vehicles from the Czech Republic to Ukraine is an absolute priority. In the future, we intend to gain a decisive share of the Central European market in the category of medium-sized drones and to penetrate the armed forces of NATO countries and other countries," explained Štefan Füle from UAC management.

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