Iranian Mohajer-6 UAV Was Shot Down In Ukraine for the First Time

Photo for illustration /  Iranian  Mohajer-6 UAV
Photo for illustration / Iranian Mohajer-6 UAV

The occupying forces of the russian federation have recently begun to actively use Iranian-made unmanned aerial vehicles in the war with Ukraine

Today, the Air Defense of the Armed Forces of Ukraine shot down the Mohajer-6 drone for the first time.

Iranian Mohajer-6 (Mohajer-6) UAV designed for reconnaissance, surveillance, reconnaissance and fire damage.

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This UAV is capable of carrying up to four high-precision munitions. The start of production of this UAV falls in 2017.

The Mohajer-6 has a rectangular fuselage, an upwards-sloping nose, twin tailbooms, a top-mounted horizontal stabilizer, uncanted wingtips, straight wings mounted high and to the rear of the body, and air intakes on the top and bottom of the engine. The Mohajer-6 is controlled by two elevators on the horizontal stabilizer, rudders on the vertical stabilizers, and two flaps per wing. Unlike other Mohajer variants, it has a three-bladed propeller. The Mohajer-6 has a wingspan of 10 meters and is 5.67 meters long.

Iranian UAV
Iranian UAV Mohajer-6

The Mohajer-6 has a max takeoff weight of 600 kg, a payload of 100 kg, and an operating range of 200 km. It has a max speed of 200 km/h, an endurance of 12 hours, and a ceiling of 18000 feet.

Multiple sources say that although the Mohajer-6 is designed by Qods Aviation, it is manufactured by Qods' longtime rival, Iran Aircraft Manufacturing Industrial Company (HESA)

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