Ukrainian Military Drove russians Out of Their Positions in Serebryanske Forest

Video screenshot
Video screenshot

Ukrainian soldiers from the Azov and Bureviy National Guard brigades successfully conducted offensives in the Serebryanske Forest

The Azov brigade's press center announced this.

As reported, on April 21, the Azov 12th Special Purpose Brigade and the 1st Operational Brigade Bureviy of the National Guard of Ukraine conducted offensive operations in the Serebryanske Forestry.

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Their joint actions resulted in advancing 1 km in depth and 2 km along the front, successfully completing a stage of their offensive operations.

"Success loves silence!" stated the Ukrainian military.

It's worth noting that on June 15th, Deputy Commander of Azov Svyatoslav Palamar reported that Ukrainian forces had successfully expelled russian troops from their positions in the Serebryanske Forest near Kremenna.

Since autumn 2022, the Serebryanske Forestry, located eight kilometers from Kremenna in the Luhansk region, has been the scene of ongoing combat operations.

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