Ukrainian Marines Destroy russian Lancet Launcher in Kherson region (Video)

video screengrab
video screengrab

Marines of the 140th Separate Reconnaissance Battalion and the 38th Separate Brigade destroyed a Lancet loitering munition in the Kherson region

The video was published by the press service of the 38th Separate Marine Brigade of Ukraine.

The aerial reconnaissance successfully spotted the mobile launcher mounted on a KAMAZ 4310 truck.

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In total, there were three Lancet-type loitering munitions in the vehicle. After launching one of them, the truck began moving toward the shelter.

The Lancet kamikaze drone
The Lancet kamikaze drone / Open source illustrative photo

Despite the vehicle's camouflage under the trees, the marines successfully destroyed the invaders' launcher. The destruction occurred 20 kilometers from the front line.

Photo credit: The 38th Separate Marine Brigade of Ukraine
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