​Ukraine’s Armed Forces Destroy 120 russian Tanks in Kherson Region with German AT2 Mines?

MiWS​ Skorpion / open source
MiWS​ Skorpion / open source

Armed Forces of Ukraine use German DM1399 AT2 scatterable anti-tank mines, which supposedly have been secretly provided by Great Britain or Germany

A photo appeared on the network showing the DM1399 version of the AT2 scatterable anti-tank mine that the Armed Forces of Ukraine are using in the Kherson region.

The mine can be deployed from a rocket. It has a diameter of 103.5 mm and a weight of 2.22 kg. The mine auto-destructs after one of six selectable periods, up to a maximum of four days.

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De jure, the AT2 scatterable anti-tank mine had been in service with Germany, Great Britain and Norway. But it was prohibited in 1997 as a result of the Anti-Personnel Mine Ban Convention and classified as it had formal characteristics of a cluster munition because 28 AT2 mines could fit in one rocket for the Mars II rocket launcher.

So it seems like Germany and Great Britain secretly provided rockets with DM1399 AT2 scatterable anti-tank mines as military aid.

De facto, the mine is fitted with a small plastic parachute when it is deployed from rockets to reduce the impact when the mine lands but the one on the photo doesn’t have it. That’s why we can assume that this DM1399 AT2 scatterable anti-tank mine has been delivered by MiWS Skorpion. Nevertheless, Ukraine has never officially received such vehicles from Germany, Great Britain or the Netherlands (MiWS Skorpion is in service with these countries), to be honest, AT2 scatterable anti-tank mines either.

DM1399 version of AT2 scatterable anti-tank mine Defense Express
DM1399 version of AT2 scatterable anti-tank mine / Photo credit: https://t.me/horevica

Apparently, russian army has lost 120 tanks in the Kherson region over the past 3 weeks. A part of them could be lost because of new German weapons in the arsenal of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

As Defense Express reported, Ukrainian Sappers Compare German DM22 With Soviet TM-62 Anti-Tank Mines.

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