Ukraine Successfully Uses Mocks to Protect Weapons from russian Iskander Hits

The MIM-104 Patriot SAM system / Video screenshot by the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine
The MIM-104 Patriot SAM system / Video screenshot by the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine

Ukrainian Air Force Commander Mykola Oleshchuk reminds that the Defense Forces of Ukraine successfully use weapon mock-ups to mislead russian occupiers

ussians have recently released some footage of the Iskander ballistic missile system being adjusted with the help of reconnaissance drones. This raises quite logical questions. Why are Ukrainian Su-27 aircraft parked in the open air but not in shelters? And how to deal with russian reconnaissance drones that fly into the rear over long distances?

Recently, a video appeared where the 9K720 Iskander ballistic missile system allegedly destroyed two MIM-104 Patriot launchers as well as Giraffe radar. Later, Ukrainian Air Force Commander, Lieutenant General Mykola Oleshchuk posted a message on his social media commenting on the strikes with Iskander-M ballistic missiles.

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As Oleshchuk explains, in the case of the attacks on Dolhintseve airfield on July 3 (Kryvyi Rih) and on Yuzhne area on July 7 (Odesa Oblast), so-called passive defense measures were successfully carried out. He thanked everyone who helps "with high-quality mocks of airpcraft and SAM systems."

According to John Ridge researcher, in the case of the so-called destruction of Patriot SAM system, the launcher has an atypical configuration, as well as there is no generator in the front.

"The Ukrainian Air Force managed to organize the defense in such a way as to mislead the enemy, forcing it to hit the SAM systems and radars' mock-ups with ballistic missiles," the spokesman of the South separate unit of the Ukrainian Volunteer Army Serhiy Bratchuk told on the air of the National Telethon.

Indeed, mock-ups have played an important role since the beginning of russian full-scale invasion. examples of various weapons mock-ups used by the Defense Forces of Ukraine to deceive russian occupiers were often shown online. There were examples of using mocks of howitzers, armored vehicles, Himars missile launchers and more.

Earlier Defense Express reported that drones had hit russian depot in Sergeyevka with missiles.

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