The russia Uses New Gliding Bombs Against Ukraine

UPAB-1500B Gliding Bomb - Illustrative photo from open sources. 2019.
UPAB-1500B Gliding Bomb - Illustrative photo from open sources. 2019.

According to the Defense Express sources, the Russian Federation uses new 1,500-kg UPAB-1500B gliding bombs in Ukraine

UPAB-1500B was demonstrated for the first time in the russia during MAKS-2019. It is designed to hit highly protected objects at a range of up to 40 km

The first use of this type of bombs was recorded a few weeks ago against one of the objects in the Chernihiv region. Defense Express learned about this from its own sources. On one of the wreckage were remnants of markings that correspond to UPAB-1500B.

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UPAB-1500B-E was desined by GNPP "Region".

This munition is intended to engage small-size semi- and full-hardened ground and surface targets. Weighing 1,525 kg, the guided bomb carries a 1,010 kg concrete-piercing high-explosive (HE) warhead coupled with a combined navigation unit (an inertial measurement unit and a satellite receiver) and a contact fuse with three time delay modes. The UPAB-1500B-E is 5.05 meters long and has a diameter of 0.4 meters. The munition can be dropped from an altitude of up to 15 km at a range of up to 50 km with a circular error possible (CEP) of up to 10 meters.

Speaking at the MAKS 2019, GNPP Region’s Director General Igor Krylov said UPAB-1500B-E has passed through the state trials. These systems are being delivered to the military, and the first export contracts have already been signed.

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