Switzerland Plans to Allow Armament Re-Export, Ukraine Might Get More Weapons And Ammunition

The Gepard SPAAG / Illustrative photo from open sources
The Gepard SPAAG / Illustrative photo from open sources

In particular, 35-mm ammunition for the Gepard self-propelled anti-aircraft gun

After 11 months of absolute neutrality, Switzerland made the necessary changes to its legislation, which would allow to unblock the re-export of weapons to Ukraine, the Swiss Parliament website states.

The corresponding changes were supported by the commission on security policy of the lower house of the Swiss parliament. In particular, the message states the following: "Non-re-export declarations should be revoked in cases where the prohibition on the use of force under international law is violated and particularly in the case of the russia-Ukraine war."

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Defense Express reminds that earlier Switzerland maintained a clear position regarding its rule of non-supply of weapons to belligerent countries and blocked the re-export of weapons to Ukraine from other countries.

So, for example, due to the re-export ban, the number of 35-mm ammunition for the Gepard SPAAG, which Germany could supply to Ukraine, was significantly limited, and the supply of Spanish Aspide air defense systems through Swiss-made components was also blocked.

At the same time, the unblocking of re-exports does not mean that Switzerland will start supplying weapons to Ukraine, although we previously talked a number of interesting samples of Swiss weapons and military equipment that could strengthen the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

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