​"Shablja" Unmanned Turret Helps Defenders of Ukraine Eliminate russian Invaders from Safe Distance

"Shablja" Unmanned Turret / Screenshot from video by Hromadske
"Shablja" Unmanned Turret / Screenshot from video by Hromadske

The Ukrainian development can fight infantry, armored vehicles as well as small drones

The Ukrainian 1st Separate Mechanized Battalion "Da Vinci Wolves" named after Dmytro Kotsiubailo (Hero of Ukraine, the youngest battalion commander in the history of the Ukrainian Army) was armed with unmanned turrets "Shablja" (Eng. 'Saber'), which are 7.62 mm machine guns mounted on a "Rys`" (Eng. 'Lynx') wheeled unmanned platform.

7.62 mm machine guns mounted on a "Rys`" wheeled unmanned platform / Screenshot from video by Hromadske

According to Hromadske, such robotic systems, in combination with drones, should help effectively strike the occupiers and save the lives of Ukrainian infantry as well.

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The drone, that militaries among the Armed Forces of Ukraine have already code named the "Iron Infantryman," is a special unmanned platform called "Rys`". It carries a machine gun turret called "Shablja."

"It has a code name, 'Dr. Death,' but now we have made the name a bit complicated, and it has become 'Dr. Innovative Death.' This is a 7.62 mm machine gun that can be remotely controlled as well as moved by operator. The advantage of such weapons is psychological. One thing it is fighting against the enemy as a living person like himself, but another one is to use drones. The enemy still does not get rid of the danger, even when destroy them," the military of "Da Vinci Wolves" battalion said.

"Shablja" Unmanned Turret / Screenshot from video by Hromadske

The fighter of the "Da Vinci Wolves" battalion also clarified that the machine gun turret has an economic advantage over other types of weapons. Such a drone costs only 22 thousand dollars.

The "Rys`" robotic platform is designed to help the servicemen deliver weapons and equipment to flashpoints as well. It safely delivers turrets and other equipment to their destination. The militaries remotely control the platforms and deliver them to remote combat missions. This eliminates the need for Ukrainian soldiers personally transport the systems, putting their lives at risk.

"Shablja" Unmanned Turret / Screenshot from video by Hromadske

"Shablja" is remotely controlled combat module manufactured in Ukraine. The turret is operated distantly by a remote control. This makes possible to fight at a distance and save the lives of the defenders of Ukraine.

Earlier Defense Express reported that the PD-2 UAV system had bolstered Ukrainian air reconnaissance capabilities.

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