​russians Made Up a 'Kamikaze Truck' and Directed It Toward Ukrainian Positions

Illustrative photo credit: Nick Savchenko, Wikimedia Commons
Illustrative photo credit: Nick Savchenko, Wikimedia Commons

As good as the plot was, the idea to use a bulky vehicle for this purpose was bad overall

Ukrainian soldiers recently shared a video from the russian forces' point of view. It shows an episode, when the russians tried to attack the Ukrainian defense line with a truck filled with explosives.

The russian troops in the video said he intended to jump out of the vehicle before it reaches the destination, he also had a bar to fix the gas pedal and thus keep the truck moving.

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But as you can see, an anti-tank mine thwarted the attack. According to the Strategic Communications of the UAF, this KamAZ heavy truck was filled with such explosive material as 152mm artillery ammunition and TNT, and equipped with a fuze set at 150 seconds.

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