​russian S-400 SAM System Destroyed by ATACMS in Donetsk Oblast

Destroyed russian S-400 SAM System / Video screenshot
Destroyed russian S-400 SAM System / Video screenshot

The Armed Forces of Ukraine destroyed another russian S-400 surface-to-air missile system. The most interesting thing is the distance

A photo appeared showing the result of the successful work of Ukrainian Rocket Forces that hit an expensive and important target - S-400 SAM system.

The location of the system is known to be at the old airfield of Mospyne, Donetsk Oblast. The photos and videos really show the damage of equipment of this SAM system and the engine of the ATACMS ballistic missile.

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According to unconfirmed information, two launchers were destroyed and another one damaged. The 96L6 radar and control point were destroyed. There are allegedly no losses in manpower, but it seems unrealistic. The attack took place on Wednesday, May 22.

It should be noted that this strike was filmed by local residents, who also recorded cluster munitions from ATACMS.

It should be noted that Mospyno is 40 kilometers from the frontline. And at this range, the SAM system was in the strike zone not only of ATACMS, but also of GMLRS rockets with a range of up to 80 km, including a logical retreat from the front edge.

russian S-400 SAM System Destroyed by ATACMS in Donetsk Oblast, Defense Express
The location of Mospyne / Photo credit: DeepState

At the same time, russians brought the S-400 to that distance for some reason. Maybe because of feeling safe, or needing to close the air defense gap in this particular area, or trying to use their SAM system for long-range strikes. But in any case, russians have lost another air defense system.

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