Russian Ammunition Depot is Exploding in Crimea - Who is the Culprit?

Photo of explosion on a Depot outside the town of Dzhankoy, 16.08.2022
Photo of explosion on a Depot outside the town of Dzhankoy, 16.08.2022

On the morning of 16 August, explosions rocked the Dhzankoi district of Russian-occupied Crimea; fire could be seen on the scene. Some reports indicate that a Russian ammunition point in the village of Maiske has been hit

Refat Chubarov, leader of the Crimean Tatar Mejlis, initially wrote that the Russian’s military base in the village of Qalay (currently Azovskoe) in the Dzhankoi district was hit. At 07:41 he updated this post, saying that "an ammunition point has been hit, the sounds of blasts spread far across the steppe".

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According to Chubarov, at 08:04, the "Gauleiter" of the occupied Crimea, Sergei Aksyonov, urgently left for the village of Maiske, Dzhankoi district. The village of Maiske is located one kilometer from the village of Qalay (Azovske).

Media reports said that according to preliminary information, a fire broke out at the transformer substation in Dzhankoi and ammunition started exploding in the village of Maiske.

As was reported earlier, the occupation "authorities" of Crimea confirmed explosions on August 9 near Novofedorivka, where a Russian military airbase is located. Russia's Ministry of Defense reported the "detonation of aircraft ammunition" at the airfield.

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