​russia Wastes Aircraft Trying to Sustain Forces near Kherson

Illustrative photo: wrecked russian Su-34 in Ukraine / Photo credit: Andrey Platonov
Illustrative photo: wrecked russian Su-34 in Ukraine / Photo credit: Andrey Platonov

The total number of jet aviation russian army lost in Ukraine is now twice as many as USSR lost in Afghanistan

Ukrainian military see a connection between the undermined russian logistics of the right bank of the Dnipro river and the recently increased activity of their military aviation, as follows from the briefing by Oleksii Hromov, the representative of Ukraine’s General Staff, at Military Media Center/ArmyInform.

Tactical and army aviation of the russian armed forces has increased sorties from the occupied Crimea to provide logistical support for the artillery stationed on the right bank, namely the Kherson region, as Ukrainian forces slowly push russian troops up against the wall – in this case, against the Dnipro river, forcing them to consider withdrawing to the other side, in order to avoid encirclement.

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"Ukrainian defense forces during last week have taken down 4 jet aircraft and 9 helicopters of the occupiers. Russian pilots are afraid to fly into the range of our air defense, that is why the number of destroyed aircraft is relatively small," Oleksii Hromov said at the briefing.

Comparing with the data provided by the Air Force Command indicates, some of these are Su-25 planes, several Ka-52 attack helicopters and a Mi-8 utility helicopter.

Fragments of a Russian Mi-8 helicopter
Illustrative photo: Fragments of a Russian Mi-8 helicopter near Makariv, Kyiv region, Ukraine / Photo credit: NurPhoto

Still, slowly but steadily, the russians have already lost twice as many military planes as the Soviet Union during its war in Afghanistan, as noted by both the General Staff and the Supreme Commander of the Ukrainian Armed Forces Valerii Zaluzhnyi.

"This means, this war [in Ukraine] has become twice as bad for the russian pilots as Afghanistan, and it is remarkable," pointed out Hromov. "After our victory, nobody will remember all the casualties and mutilation but these pilots. Because only russian political and military authorities need this so-called 'special military operation', and no one else."

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