​russia Forces Migrants From India to Fight Against Ukraine

Migrants from India are in russian army / Screenshot from the video
Migrants from India are in russian army / Screenshot from the video

There is no secret that russian army employs mercenaries, but there seem to be cases of forced participation in the war

A group of migrants from the northern Indian states of Punjab and Haryana claim that they are forced to fight on russia`s side against Ukraine. This was reported by Crimean Wind Ukrainian Telegram channel.

Men in russian military uniforms say that a travel agent suggested them to visit Belarus. They agreed, but it turned out that they needed a visa. Then the migrants were faced with the fact: either they join russian army or they are arrested and imprisoned for 10 years.

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"After 15 days of training, they were sent to a 'place where the war is going'. Firstly they came to the russian federation to celebrate New Year, they were offered to visit Belarus, and they agreed," the statement reads.

The Ministry of External Affairs of India announced last week that it was trying to liberate twenty Indians from russian army. It is known that they had come to "work as support staff".

Earlier Defense Express reported that russia had brought mercenaries from Cuba and Nepal to various temporarily occupied regions.

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