​Rheinmetall to Supply Ukraine with Advanced Reconnaissance Systems

The SurveilSpire drone defense system / open source
The SurveilSpire drone defense system / open source

Rheinmetall has again been awarded a contract to supply automated reconnaissance systems to Ukraine

In a significant move to enhance Ukraine’s defense capabilities, Rheinmetall has been awarded a contract by the German government to supply state-of-the-art automated reconnaissance systems.

The centerpiece of this contract is the SurveilSpire drone defense system, designed not only to reconnoiter but also engage hostile drones effectively. This comprehensive system comprises mobile surveillance towers equipped with advanced day and night vision camera equipment, autopiloted mini-drones, a robust command and control system, and transport vehicles.

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One of the standout features of SurveilSpire system is its ability to monitor expansive terrains with minimal human intervention, reducing risks to personnel and optimizing resource allocation. Moreover, it provides a 5G network for seamless communication and data transmission.

The SurveilSpire drone defense system Defense Express Rheinmetall to Supply Ukraine with Advanced Reconnaissance Systems
The SurveilSpire drone defense system / open source

Rheinmetall has partnered with Estonian company DefSecIntel to ensure the successful implementation of this project, emphasizing the importance of international collaboration in strengthening Ukraine’s defense.

The contract, valued in the lower double-digit million euro range, reflects the substantial investment being made to enhance Ukraine’s security.

The SurveilSpire surveillance towers, developed by DefSecIntel, are not only versatile but also easy to deploy. With assembly requiring just three personnel and full automation of operations, efficiency is paramount. The system incorporates wireless links for video transmission and solar panels for sustained, cable-free operation.

This contract is part of Rheinmetall’s ongoing support for Ukraine, which includes the delivery of various military equipment and participation in multilateral Ringtausch transactions, facilitating the transfer of Soviet-era equipment to Ukraine in exchange for surplus Western-made systems.

Rheinmetall’s commitment to bolstering Ukraine's defense capabilities underscores the importance of international cooperation in ensuring the security and stability of nations.

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