​Rare Footage: Ukrainian Forces Fire Uragan Barrage on Snake Island in May 2022

Illustrative photo / Photo credit: ArmyInform
Illustrative photo / Photo credit: ArmyInform

The liberation of Snake Island is an example of how the Armed Forces of Ukraine are able to adapt and use non-standard solutions

The article featured in Dumskaya presents a fascinating story from a conversation with Ukrainian serviceman Ivan Izhytskyi, who commands a rocket artillery battery within a unit of the Ukrainian Navy. He provides insights into a series of events of 2022, detailing the marines’ strategic use of multiple rocket launchers to target russian ships and a special operation during the liberation of Snake Island.

In recounting the special operation, Ivan Izhytskyi shares Major Dunay’s message, “You’re up for an adventure; you used to work with the Uragan system.” Ivan Izhytskyi, expressing his willingness, states, “I said that if a dozen more orcs die, then I’m definitely in.” Subsequently, in early May 2022, the military loaded their BM-27 Uragan MLRS onto a barge, strategically selecting an inconspicuous location to shell Snake Island. Ivan recalls the challenge of targeting due to the barge’s slight swaying, but the results were noteworthy: out of 16 shells fired, 11 successfully hit the island.

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The CAESAR system Defense Express Rare Footage: Ukrainian Forces Fire Uragan Barrage on Snake Island in May 2022
The CAESAR system / open source

This operation served as a catalyst for subsequent attacks on Snake Island utilizing artillery systems, marking the beginning of the season, as Ivan puts it. Notably, the Armed Forces of Ukraine creatively converted the CAESAR system into a “floating battery” to engage russians on Snake Island. The systems on the barge demonstrated mobility up to 10 km from the shore. Additionally, the Ukrainian-developed 2S22 Bohdana self-propelled artillery system played a role in the island’s liberation, guided by the Turkish Bayraktar TB2 drone.

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