Powerful Explosions Rock in Temporarily Occupied Luhansk: russian Occupiers' Base Struck

Video screenshot
Video screenshot

On May 20, a series of explosions were reported near the village of Yuvileine in russian-occupied Luhansk. In this area, the Academy of Internal Affairs had operated, and its premises were later used by the invaders

This is reported by the publication Tribune.

According to local residents, there were about eight explosions, and the enemy air defense responded only once.

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It is also reported that the russians have set up a military camp amid civilian buildings. This information was provided by the head of the Luhansk RMA, Artem Lysogor.

In local chat rooms, Luhansk residents confirm that a military camp has been established at the strike site, amid civilian buildings.

There is currently no information on casualties or consequences of the strike.

Earlier, Defense Express reported that the Ukrainian Navy press service, on May 19th, announced the successful destruction of the Kovrovets minesweeper ship of the russian naval forces.

Sources in russia claimed on the same day that two ATACMS missiles hit the Tsiklon corvette stationed at the time in the Sevastopol port, killing six marines and injuring 11.

The Tsiklon corvette of Project 22800 Karakurt, Defense Express
The Tsiklon corvette of Project 22800 Karakurt / Open source photo

Tsiklon, the first corvette of the Project 22800 Karakurt class, is a battleship capable of carrying and launching Kalibr land attack cruise missiles, which russian forces systematically employ for long-range attacks on Ukraine.

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