It Became Known What Countries Will Lead European Coalition for Ukrainian Pilots Training on F-16

F-16 fighters - Photo for illustration
F-16 fighters - Photo for illustration

loyd Austin, Head of the Pentagon made statment after the 12th meeting in the Ramstein format on Thursday

He said after meeting: "I want to especially thank Denmark and the Netherlands, who have decided to lead the European coalition to provide F-16 training for Ukrainian forces. In the coming weeks, my Danish and Dutch counterparts will work with the US and other allies to develop a framework for the exercise."

He added that Norway, Belgium, Portugal and Poland have also offered to contribute to the training.

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loyd Austin, Head of the Pentagon
loyd Austin, Head of the Pentagon

"We expect that more countries will soon join this initiative," the US Defence Secretary emphasised.

Earlier, Austin expressed hope that the training of Ukrainian pilots on F-16 fighters will begin in the coming weeks.

Ukrainian pilots will train on F-16 fighters at military bases in Europe, the Pentagon said earlier.

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