In Ukraine Developed New EW System to Counter Russian Drones

 Photo for illustration - EW system Piranha AVD 360
Photo for illustration - EW system Piranha AVD 360

A new electronic warfare (EW) system, the Piranha AVD 360, designed to protect armored vehicles and soldiers from hostile drone operations

Mykhailo Fedorov, Deputy Prime Minister responsible for Innovation, Education, Science, and Technological Development of Ukraine announced this November 3, 2023

One of the biggest challenges currently facing the arms industry is to find a solution to counter the formidable effectiveness of drones. Indeed, if the conflict in Ukraine has highlighted anything, it is the effectiveness of UAVs on the battlefield. Ukraine has not been left behind in terms of innovative solutions to counter these little devils of the sky, offering a new electronic system named the Piranha AVD 360.

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Photo for illustration - EW system Piranha AVD 360
Photo for illustration - EW system Piranha AVD 360

The Piranha AVD 360 system is designed to create a defensive shield extending up to 600 meters, which disrupts the operational capabilities of drones by blocking their command and data transmission signals. This interference can cause drones to remain suspended in the air, force them to land immediately or plummet uncontrollably.

Fedorov emphasized that the system is effective not only against drones but is also capable of jamming satellite navigation systems, including the Russian GLONASS. He confirmed that the Piranha AVD 360 has completed rigorous field testing and is now ready for mass production.

Highlighting the importance of technological advances in warfare, Fedorov stated that such innovations are crucial for achieving victory, enabling more effective combat against the enemy and enhancing the safety of military personnel.

What remains to be seen now is the actual effectiveness of this new system on the battlefield, but it is certain that if it performs well, we will be hearing more about it.

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