​FPV Drone Chasing Down russian Tank (Video)

Illustrative photo credit: Gleb Garanich, Reuters
Illustrative photo credit: Gleb Garanich, Reuters

A reminder that all available Defense Forces of Ukraine work for the complete elimination of the russian army from Ukrainian territories

Special operations center "A" of the Security Service of Ukraine has published a video of a russian tank being destroyed with a first-person view kamikaze drone fitted with an explosive charge.

From the looks of it, the drone was on a recon mission whenit spotted a tank on the move and chased after it. The SSU calims it has destroyed the tank.

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Despite being part of Ukraines internal anti-terrorist force, the SOC "A" takes active part in repelling russian aggression since 2014. SSU servicemen fight the russians alongside the regular army, their duties include reconnaissance, detection of saboteurs and assault missions.

Since the start of the russian full-scale invasion, the range of tasks performed by the unit grew, they launched strikes on russian heavy equipment, personnel, snipers took down russian assault groups etc.

Lately, this unit has shown many examples of deployment of primitive one-way quadcopter drones with explosives. Here's an earlier example of a similar drone attack on a russian IFV and its crew.

According to the spokesman of the Security Service of Ukraine Artem Dekhtiarenko, over the past year, the Special operations center "A" has carried out more than 2,600 special and almost 1,000 combat missions, destroyed more than 700 russian vehicles, 110 tanks in particular.

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