Cameroon Air Force Buys Barrier-V ATGMs from Ukraine

PK-2B anti-tank guided missile
PK-2B anti-tank guided missile

UkrSpecExport, an affiliate of the State-owned Ukroboronprom defense industries holding group, has shipped a batch of weaponry and equipment to the Cameroon Air Force, under a $2.411 million contract awarded in December 2019

This is according to statistics from 52wmb.com, an export/import online platform.

Ukrainian Barrier-V ATGM mounted on Mi-8MSB-V helicopter

The contract included two units of the 524-PE guided weapon system; two units of the electronic warfare system Quadros; 38 PK-2B "Barrier-V" anti-tank guided missiles; one unit of the KTK-1M training & status monitoring equipment kit for integrated guided missile systems.

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Reports are that this purchased equipment will be deployed on helicopter platforms, albeit without specifying the types or names of the platforms.

The Cameroon Air Force is currently fielding five Mi-8/17 multi-role helicopters in several configurations

The Cameroon Air Force is currently fielding five Mi-8/17 multi-role helicopters in several configurations, in addition to two Mi-24V attack helicopters the service purchased in 2015 from Slovakia and got them overhauled and upgraded by Poland. In 2016, the service was reported to have purchased from Russia two Mi-24s, overhauled and upgraded.

Defense Express note: The Photoprylad’s 524R is a missile fire-control kit that was designed as part of upgrade packages for the helicopters Mi-24, Mi-8 and Mi-2. The 524R has day-and-night capabilities for (1) battlefield surveillance; (2) search, detection, identification and automatic tracking of ground and aerial targets, moving or stationary, and (3) guidance and control of helicopter-launched, RK-2V missiles.

Mi-8MSB-V helicopter equiped with Barrier-V ATGM and 524-PE guided weapon system displaed on MSPO-2018
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