Armed Forces of Ukraine Use British ARTHUR Counter-battery Radar

Photo for illustration / ARTHUR counter-battery radar
Photo for illustration / ARTHUR counter-battery radar

The Joint Forces repoted on Facebook, the capabilities of the Ukrainian Armed Forces were strengthened by the British ARTHUR (Artillery Hunting Radar) counter-battery and artillery reconnaissance radar

The armament was received by the 15th Artillery Reconnaissance Brigade. The system is already deployed to the front line.

The fighter with the call sign “Dido” Andrii shared about the search for enemy positions at the front line.

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“The pros of this system are clear. The first advantage is that it is very mobile, thus we can move quickly and absolutely don’t care what the conditions are going to be. It can go both during snow and swamp. The next advantage – we are transmitting new serifs for the artillery and at the same time share with the guys how precise they have hit the target that was previously transmitted,” the serviceman shared the advantages of military equipment.

ARTHUR (MAMBA) is a counter-battery radar developed by the Swedish company Ericsson Microwave Systems in conjunction with the armed forces of Norway and Sweden. It is called the mobile artillery monitoring asset (MAMBA) in the British military.

The C-band passive phased array mobile radar is designed to detect enemy field artillery. It was developed as a primary element of the brigade- or division-level sensor battery countermeasures system. The radar complex is mounted on the chassis of the Bandvagn 206 tracked rover, and was developed by Hägglunds (now part of British BAE Systems Platforms & Services).

It can determine the location of enemy howitzers at a distance of 20-25 km, and of the 120mm mortars at a distance of 35-40 km with a circular probable error of 0.35%. Based in part on the same technology as the Saab Giraffe radar, ARTHUR can simultaneously scan up to 100 targets per minute, track the flight of shells, and calculate hit points to correct its own artillery.

In addition to British counter-battery radars, Ukraine had previously received several COBRA radar systems of artillery reconnaissance from Germany. With a detection range of up to 100 km, COBRA can detect and classify up to 40 batteries within two minutes.

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