Ammunition, Artillery and Brimstone Missiles: Britain Announces New Aid Package for Ukraine

Brimstone Missiles / Open source illustrative photo
Brimstone Missiles / Open source illustrative photo

The UK's new Defense Secretary John Healey announced that the UK would provide a new package of support to Ukraine, including more artillery guns, a quarter of a million ammunition rounds and nearly 100 precision Brimstone missiles

During the visit, which coincided with Ukrainian celebrations of their annual navy day, the Defense Secretary confirmed that Britain’s steadfast commitment to Ukraine will be reinvigorated by the new government in Westminster.

The website of the British government reports on this.

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"Our commitment to stand with the Ukrainian people is absolute, as is our resolve to confront russian aggression and pursue putin for his war crimes," Defense Secretary John Healey said

New package includes:

  • A quarter of a million of 50 caliber ammunition
  • 90 anti-armour Brimstone missiles
  • 50 small military boats to support river and coastal operations
  • 40 de-mining vehicles
  • 10 AS-90 artillery guns
  • 61 bulldozers to help build defensive positions

Support for previously gifted AS-90s, including 32 new barrels and critical spares which will help Ukraine fire another 60,000 155mm rounds.

The UK announced in April this year the largest ever military aid package to Ukraine, including 400 vehicles, 1600 strike and air defense missiles, including additional Storm Shadow long-range precision guided-missiles, four million rounds of ammunition and 60 boats, including offshore raiding craft.

The British aid package to Ukraine included 160 Husky vehicles, Defense Express
The British aid package to Ukraine included 160 Husky vehicles / Photo credit: the UK MoD

The support provided by the UK so far has proved pivotal in supporting Ukraine’s ability to defend itself since the war started, having been the first country to provide modern, Western battle tanks, as well as long-range precision guided missiles.

More than 42,000 Ukrainian soldiers have also returned to fight in Ukraine after completing basic training in the UK since June 2022, under Operation Interflex.

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