Ukrainians Make Leopard Tank Dummies Off an Automobile To Deceive russians

Leopard 2 tank / Illustrative photo credit: KNDS
Leopard 2 tank / Illustrative photo credit: KNDS

Replica equipment manufacture is one of the rapidly expanding branches of Ukrainian defense industry, one of the product examples is the Leopard 2 MBT dummy from Temerland LLC

Ukrainian company Temerland LLC is working on a project of a Leopard tank replica based on an ordinary pickup truck. We had a chat with the company's CEO Eduard Trotsenko about this idea as part of a joint project by Defense Express and Espreso TV channel.

Trotsenko says the first "autonomous active mannequin" of the German Leopard 2 main battle tank will be produced in metal this week already. Correction: on a request from the company, we changed the name from Infocom Ltd. (brand name for civilian services) to Temerland LLC which has registered this product.

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The model will evolve around the Ford pickup, equipped with a remote control system. Then, the automobile will get numerous elements installed on top which will visually turn it into a copy of the Leopard tank – one of the highest-priority targets for the russian invasion forces.

Judging by the available images, this dummy would be simple enough to disassemble right on the battlefield, load into the truck and carry to another location.

In summary, Temerland is soon to present quite a realistically looking replica of the German combat vehicle that will also be moving and operated safely from a distance; it will deceive the russians making them spend artillery rounds and anti-tank weapons on relatively cheap and, hopefully, mass-produced dummies.

Generally, mock-ups of various weapons are nowadays actively deployed by Ukrainian Armed Forces. Earlier, soldiers told Western media that hundreds of dummies were destroyed, one such piece in average costs less than USD 1,000.

M777 replica
M777 replica / Photo credit: Metinvest

Examples are the realistic howitzer and radar replicas from Metinvest: they have respective copies of M777, D-20 guns, 36D6 and AN/MPQ-64 Sentinel radars.

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