​Ukrainian Defense Industry Will Cooperate with Six NATO Countries to Produce Heavy Weapons

Assembly line at the Malyshev Tank Factory in Kharkiv, Ukraine /.Brendan Hoffman, Al Jazeera America
Assembly line at the Malyshev Tank Factory in Kharkiv, Ukraine /.Brendan Hoffman, Al Jazeera America

New agreements provide for production of armor, MLRS and high-tech weapons domestically and abroad

The Ukrainian defense industry continues to get closer to NATO, with new agreements on cooperation signed, as pointed out by the Ukroboronprom state concern in a press notice. Ukraine has now signed deals with Poland, France, Denmark, the Czech Republic and "a few other NATO countries".

"We will build joint defense enterprises, full circle production lines for making ammunition, together produce armored machinery and multiple launching rocket systems and develop new high-technology weapons."

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These activities will take place both at facilities across Ukraine and the ones newly established abroad due to the ongoing war in the country.

We have already covered one of these agreements with the Czech defense industry that will result in a new industrial cluster of Ukrainian and Czech facilities to produce more ammunition, make vehicles and repair them.

Repaired in Lithuania, the PzH 2000 artillery system returns to Ukraine, October 2022. Repair of damaged equipment is an important part of Ukraine's cooperation with international partners / Photo credit: Arvydas Anušauskas on Twitter

As noted by Ukroboronprom, the stockpiles of Soviet ammunition in Ukraine’s partner countries are running low, so the concern stated it had established manufacture of 122mm, 152mm artillery ammunition and 120mm mortar bombs in accordance with the "NATO technologies of production" which will decrease the reliance on supplies from abroad and keep the Ukrainian guns firing onto russian invaders.

At the same time, the state concern now coordinates its efforts with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs which will help find more potential partners to work on joint projects with.

Grad rocket
Making ammunition of its own will the burden on other post-Soviet NATO countries who are also undergoing the process of switching to NATO-standard military equipment, and satisfy the current needs of the Ukrainian army / Illustrative photo credit: 17th Tank Brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine
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