Ukraine Produces as Many Shahed-136 Analogs as russia: What Quantity is Mentioned?

Ukrainian Lyutyi long-range drone / Open source photo
Ukrainian Lyutyi long-range drone / Open source photo

The experience of long-range Ukrainian strikes on russia clearly indicates that the deeper into russian territory, the fewer air defense systems and the more effective the attacks can be

Herman Smetanin, CEO of Ukrainian Defense Industry, announced that the Ukrainian defense sector has already caught up with russia in the production pace of long-range kamikaze drones like Shahed-136, as well as in the production of other strike drones.

According to his words, as cited by ArmyInform, this was achieved through licensed production of drones from private companies at the facilities of state-owned enterprises. And such a mechanism has been implemented not only regarding UAVs but also other types of armament and military equipment.

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In russia, Shahed-136 drones are currently being assembled at a rate of 330-350 per month. However, it's worth noting that the discussion does not encompass the entire production cycle, as russia actively imports a significant portion of components, including engines.

Shahed-136, Defense Express
russian propagandists showcase the scale of their own production of the Shahed-136, March 2024

It should be noted that currently, two production lines for manufacturing enclosures are operating in Alabuga, in the Republic of Tatarstan.

At the same enterprise, they fill them with imported units and aggregates, as well as with some components of russian production, such as combat parts.

But the enemy's plans include fully localizing production by 2026.

Shahed-136, Defense Express
Those are empty fuselages, some not even completed / Still frame of the video report from a Shahed-136 assembly factory

There are also unconfirmed reports that in the Alabuga Special Economic Zone (SEZ) aims to achieve a production rate of around 800 Shaheds per month, as evidenced by declared plans for component procurement.

However, according to the CEO of Ukrainian Defense Industry, Ukraine has achieved more than a significant pace in the production of long-range drones. Ultimately, a rate of 330–350 drones per month equates to approximately 4,000 drones per year. At the moment, russia demonstrates a relatively low readiness to repel drone attacks. Of course, this does not apply to the front-line or border areas, as well as Moscow.

However, practical experience shows that the more distant the russian territory, the scarcer air defense systems become, potentially even strategic regions remain unprotected. This is evident from the long-range strike on Alabuga and numerous other attacks on russian oil refining infrastructure, including the Ryazan Oil Refinery.

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