​Kyrylo Budanov Advocates for the CRV7 Rockets Acquisition Amidst Canadian Disposal Plans

The CRV7 rocket launch / open source
The CRV7 rocket launch / open source

Ukraine urges Canada to donate the CRV7 ground attack rockets instead of disposing them

In an exclusive interview with Global News, Lieutenant General Kyrylo Budanov advocated for the Ukrainian government to acquire decommissioned CRV7 rockets. Kyrylo Budanov, Chief of the Defence Intelligence of Ukraine, emphasized that allowing Ukraine access to these rockets would bolster its defense against russian forces and alleviate the burden on taxpayers, who would otherwise foot the bill for their destruction.

“We hope it will be a win-win situation,” he stated.

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Over 83,000 CRV7 ground attack rockets are currently stored at the Canadian Forces Ammunition Depot Dundurn, located south of Saskatoon. While Canada no longer requires them and has enlisted a private contractor to dispose of them, Ukraine urgently seeks them due to dwindling munition supplies.

The CRV7 rocket launch Defense Express Kyrylo Budanov Advocates for the CRV7 Rockets Acquisition Amidst Canadian Disposal Plans
The CRV7 rocket launch / open source

Kyrylo Budanov outlined plans to utilize the CRV7 rickets in both Ukrainian attack helicopters and ground launchers to target russian tanks and artillery. While Canadian authorities are exploring the request, they caution that the rockets, which are several decades old, may have deteriorated and could pose handling and transport risks.

Ukrainian officials assert that any non-operational rockets will be dismantled for parts to support Ukraine’s drone program. Experts consulted by Global News noted that rocket propellant has a limited lifespan and may become unstable over time. However, given that CRV7 rockets use solid fuel, they could remain safe if stored correctly and shielded from moisture or contamination.

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