Ukrainian Artillerymen Share Details of Archer Self-Propelled Howitzer System's Combat Operations in Donetsk Region (Video)

video screengrab
video screengrab

Artilleryman Yuri shared insights in a video with UNITED24 correspondent Mykyta Ilchenko regarding the combat operations involving one of the eight Archer systems recently supplied to Ukraine by Sweden. These systems are currently undergoing their first combat trials

Yuri has been an artilleryman since the start of the full-scale war, giving him two years of active combat experience. Most of this time Yuri spent fighting as a gunner of a D20, a Soviet towed howitzer produced since the 50s. D20 features zero automation. And in that sense, the Archer self-propelled howitzer system is a complete opposite. It is very maneuverable. The deployment time is 30 seconds. This is the best indicator among self-propelled artillery systems.

Yuri: Before our training trip, my friend told me this was the best thing in artillery that was ever invented. And now I realize he was right. This is a very technologically advanced machine. It may very well be ahead of its time. I believe that the Archer is a sniper howitzer. It hits straight on target, not aiming in squares, but directly into it. Literally in one two shots.

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In the way, switching to the Archer for this crew was like learning a new language. One of the requirements for an Archer's gun position is an office classic "moderate computer skills." But it's not just a crew who had to go through a 2-month express course. Out of around 100 soldiers, 70 were engineers who had to be prepared to maintain this complex systems.

Correspondent of UNITED24: For me, it's crazy to see this modern design on the roads of Donetsk Region. It's no walk in the park. So the question arises, how did it perform during these few months on the frontline?

Yuri: If we're lucky, after we hit a target, we receive video confirmation.

Correspondent: How many videos have you collected so far?

Yuri: I'm building up my collection. I have enemy ammo warehouses, enemy groupings and armored machinery, so far.

Yuri's favorite feature is the automation. The crew doesn't have to leave the armored cabin when in the mission at all. Theoretically, it could be operated by just one person. That, as well as the 30 km range with a standard shell, makes it a state-of-the-art system.

So when this kind of beast arrives in the battlefield, how does the enemy cope?

Yuri: I haven't heard any russian radio chatter or anything like that. But the power of the Archer is definitely a test for them.

Correspondent: Do they not like it?

Yuri: I think they're not particularly happy about it.

As Defense Express reported, on November 3, the Ground Forces Command showcased the operation of the Archer system for the first time.

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