​russian Military Considers Drone Swarm Tactics for War in Ukraine

The Tub UAV / open source
The Tub UAV / open source

Reports indicate potential plans for drone swarms employing communication and machine vision functionalities

According to russian media, analysts specializing in unmanned aviation suggest that the russian occupation army might soon adopt a new tactic involving the use of “loitering munitions or kamikaze drones that can interact with each other on the battlefield”. The report indicates that while specific details about these plans remain undisclosed, there is an expectation for the deployment of groups of loitering munitions operating in coordination, essentially forming a swarm. While this concept isn’t novel, it underscores ongoing efforts to enhance these capabilities.

The Lancet UAV Defense Express russian Military Considers Drone Swarm Tactics for War in Ukraine
The Lancet UAV / open source

The report mentions the involvement of existing models such as Lancet, Kub and SuperCam, which are already in active use by the russian army. It also contrasts the current state of drone utilization, where the maximum level of interaction typically involves reconnaissance drones paired with repeaters to support drones in target destruction.

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Furthermore, the report highlights the focus on advancing machine vision technology for drones, a subject that has been previously discussed in detail, including its implications and potential developments in Ukraine. To illustrate, the report references a video demonstrating the use of kamikaze drones equipped with machine vision to neutralize air defense systems, such as the Pantsir missile system.

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