Military Expert Analyzes Ukraine's Strikes of ATACMS Missiles on Ferries in Kerch Strait

Launch of ATACMS / Open source illustrative photo
Launch of ATACMS / Open source illustrative photo

The results of the ATACMS strikes on enemy ferries demonstrate the effective work of the Ukrainian Armed Forces

Defense Express CEO Serhiy Zgurets says that the strikes on russian military targets demonstrate the Ukrainian Armed Forces’ effective work.

He said this on Espreso TV.

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"Information related to strikes on russian military targets is systematic and regularly appears in the information field. This indicates the effectiveness of the Ukrainian Defense Forces. This time, we can say that yesterday the Defense Intelligence of Ukraine reported an attack on russian boats using our MAGURA V5 maritime drones. These were quite effective attacks. And the General Staff reported that long-range munitions were used to strike the russian ferry crossing near Kerch, where the enemy uses rail and road ferries to relocate its forces," Zgurets recalled.

Damaged russian ferry crossing
Damaged russian ferry crossing / Photo credit: the General Staff of the Defense Forces of Ukraine

According to the military expert, russia is afraid to use the Kerch Bridge, so it has relied on ferries.

"We have now seen the results of the ATACMS on these ferries. Two ferries were hit, one of them got stuck in the shoal, and now it significantly complicates the further use of ferries in this area. It is interesting that we are talking about a distance of about 240 kilometers, if we are talking about using ATACMS, and this is a significant distance. Currently, monobloc munitions are no longer used, but rather cluster munitions. But I would like to see a greater effect from the ATACMS strike. We can already say that these long-range systems are being used against the enemy," Zgurets said.

Launch of ATACMS , Defense Express
Launch of ATACMS / Open source illustrative photo
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