Effectiveness of Ukrainian Strikes on russian Belbek Air Base in Crimea Was Confirmed - Several Aircraft Were Destroyed, Including MiG-31

Launch of Ukrainian missiles at the russian invaders / Open source illustrative photo
Launch of Ukrainian missiles at the russian invaders / Open source illustrative photo

New satellite images have appeared, on which you can see in detail what losses the russian invading army has as a result of well-aimed strikes by the Ukrainian military

This week, the Defense Forces of Ukraine carried out a number of long-range strikes against russian military facilities in the temporarily occupied Crimea, including the Belbek air base – we previously reported that Ukraine struck the Belbek airfield allegedly with ATACM.

Subsequently, the first photos of the targets hit as a result of the attacks in Crimea appeared on the network. As the photos show, the S-400 anti-aircraft missile system, in particular the radar station from this system, was destroyed by Ukrainian strike means.

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Currently, new satellite images have appeared on the network, on which you can see in great detail the results of the work of the Ukrainian military directly against russian aircraft - and, looking ahead, it is worth noting that these strikes were surprisingly accurate and effective.

As a reminder, this is how the location of russian aircraft at the Belbek Air Base looked as of the end of April:

Below you can see satellite images that record the destruction of a number of aircraft of the russian occupation forces as a result of recent strikes by the Ukrainian military on this air base:

In particular, as a result of the attack, the russians lost two of their MiG-31 aircraft (NATO reporting name: Foxhound) - these supersonic interceptor aircraft were burned to the ground. A warehouse of fuel and lubricants was also destroyed near these planes.

In addition, the enemy Su-27 multirole fighter (NATO reporting name: Flanker) was also completely destroyed. Another plane is located not far from it, which, with a high probability, could have been critically damaged by debris. After all, the MiG-29 fighter (NATO reporting name: Fulcrum), whose nose part burned out, can also be included among the destroyed planes.

The Belbek air base, Defense Express
The Belbek air base / open source photo

As Defense Express previously wrote, on the night of Friday, May 17, the Defense Forces of Ukraine carried out the largest drone attack on the territory of the russian federation, as well as on the temporarily occupied Crimea - the russians were not helped by EW as well as air defense equipment.

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