Became Known What Countries Fulfilled Their Obligations in Military Assistance for Ukraine

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Western countries have promised Ukraine military assistance totaling €80.7 billion to counter the invasion of Russian troops. And only 10 states of Europe have fully fulfilled their obligations

The independent think-tank, the Kiel Institute for the World Economy has created Ukraine Support Tracker - a database of military, financial and humanitarian assistance to Ukraine in the conditions of a full-scale war with the Russian Federation.

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The tracker covers 40 countries of the world, including the EU member states, other members of the Big Seven (G7), including the United States, as well as Australia, South Korea, Turkey, Norway, New Zealand, Switzerland, China, India.

According to Ukraine Support Tracker, the leader in the supply of military aid to Ukraine is Poland, which has already transferred 100% of the promised weapons worth €1.8 billion. In absolute terms, this is second only to the United States.

They also fulfilled their obligations to Ukraine by 100%:

  • Latvia (provided assistance for €220 million);
  • France (€160 million);
  • Italy (€150 million);
  • Belgium (€80 million);
  • Luxembourg (€50 million);
  • Finland (€30 million);
  • Slovenia (€10 million);
  • Austria (€3.3 million);
  • Bulgaria (€3.5 million).
  • The United States has so far provided Ukraine with weapons worth €2.33 billion. This is 38.4% of the promised €6.3 billion.

    In third place after the United States and Poland in terms of total military assistance already provided is the United Kingdom (delivered almost 90.7% of the promised €1.12 billion), and in fourth place is Canada (82.5% of the pledged €920 million).

    As for other states:

  • Estonia provided 98% of the €250 million pledged;
  • Norway has fulfilled the obligation by 96% (of the total amount of €450 million);
  • Czech Republic - by 88.9% (promised €260 million in military aid);
  • The Netherlands – by 84.9% (out of €80 million pledged);
  • Lithuania – by 82.6% (out of €50 million);
  • Slovakia - by 72.6% (out of the promised €160 million in aid);
  • Spain fulfilled its obligations by 67.8% (promised €40 million in aid);
  • Sweden – by 67.1% (out of €80 million);
  • Denmark – by 64.8% (out of €170 million);
  • Australia - by 58.4% (of the promised €190 million).
  • Germany significantly lags behind in terms of providing military assistance to Ukraine: out of the promised €675 million, Berlin fulfilled its obligation by only 39.9% (€269 million). Germany is followed by New Zealand (31% of the €3.6m pledged) and Greece (5.8% of the €250m).

    The researchers also note that since the beginning of June, the pace of arms deliveries to Ukraine has slowed down compared to previous months. In addition, the volume of new weapons promised to Kyiv during this period decreased.

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