​Inguar-3, Ukrainian Armored Vehicle Created and Honed in Battle: Features and Specifications

Inguar-3 / Photo courtesy of Inguar
Inguar-3 / Photo courtesy of Inguar

Rather than just an armored car, Inguar-3 is positioned as "do-it-all" solution for chassis: from law enforcement to precision-guided missile platforms

The Ukrainian company Inguar presented its Inguar-3 multirole armored vehicle. Its basic feature is that it was created as a specialized combat platform with a modular construction principle — unlike other similar armored vehicles of the same class, created on the basis of civilian platforms.

The company emphasizes that during the development of Inguar-3, they were taking into account the real combat experience gained by the soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in battles against the russian invasion army.

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Inguar-3 / Photo courtesy of Inguar

In essence, Inguar-3 is an MRAP-class armored car equipped with a Deutz power plant with a torque of 1500 Nm and a power of 356 hp, the transmission is the automatic Allison.

The ground clearance of this armored vehicle is 450 millimeters, which, together with the system of centralized automatic tire inflation, ensures high cross-country ability, the company notes. Even if the tires are damaged by bullets or debris, the RunFlat wheel inserts allow the crew to keep driving.

The armor of the monocoque capsule hull is combined, aluminum elements reduce the overall weight of the armored vehicle while maintaining the level of protection: Stanag 4569 standard Level 3 against kinetic energy threats (common machine guns and sniper rifles) and Level 3a against landmines. The crew and troops can monitor the situation on the battlefield through the frontal, aft and side video cameras, and a night vision camera.

Inguar-3 / Photo courtesy of Inguar

Other utilities are present as well: each variant is equipped with an electronic warfare module, an automatic fire extinguishing system with optical sensors, an air filtration system neutralizing chemical contamination, an autonomous cabin heater, an air conditioning system and a winch with a traction force of 12 tons.

"This vehicle represents a new generation of modular tactical armored vehicles with separate front and rear armor pods that can be adapted to any task," says the Inguar company about its product. "This allows you to quickly configure an armored vehicle for specific needs, whether it is a 4x4 or 6x6 platform, for air defense systems, anti-tank systems, EW systems, optical reconnaissance, command and staff or medical evacuation vehicles."

Inguar-3 in the 6x6 iteration
Inguar-3 in the 6x6 iteration can carry a whole payload of rockets for the BM-21 Grad system / Photo courtesy by Inguar

The list of tasks it can be suited to is wide: from personnel or cargo carrier to a mobile Brimstone launcher or chassis for barrelled artillery systems. There is also a sketch presenting a potential integration of demining plows and UAV catapults in the future.

The family of Inguar-3 vehicles, illustrated
The family of Inguar-3 vehicles, illustrated / Screengrab: Inguar website, plus sketches added
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