​Ukrainian F-16 Aircraft Will Attack russian Shaykovka and Engels Airfields

The F-16 fighter simulator / screenshot from video
The F-16 fighter simulator / screenshot from video

Ukrainian F-16 fighters pose a significant threat to russia’s strategic airfields

Russian Shaykovka and Engels airfields, where strategic aviation is stationed, are now under threat. Ukrainian defenders plan to target these airfields using the new F-16 aircraft.

Anatolii Khrapchynskyi, deputy director of a Ukrainian electronic warfare manufacturing company and an aviation expert, explained, “We are referring to airfields near the Ukrainian border. With the F-16 aircraft, we will be able to destroy airfields such as Shaykovka, where strategic aviation is based, and Engels as well. Additionally, we are targeting sites like ammunition depots and bomb manufacturers – for instance, Arsenal-53, located about 600 kilometers away, and the Raduga and Avangard factories in the Moscow region.”

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Anatolii Khrapchynskyi also noted that the Moscow region is heavily fortified with air defense systems, likely the most concentrated in russia. However, he pointed out that russia lacks sufficient defenses to protect Yelabuga. Therefore, the F-16 fighters could successfully attack most airfields near Ukraine, including those hosting Su-34 aircraft in Kuban and Rostov regions. As a result, these strategic airfields are now vulnerable to Ukrainian attacks.

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