Ukraine’s Navy Begins Receiving Mi-2MSB Choppers

The Mi-2MSB was tested armed with unguided rockets S-8
The Mi-2MSB was tested armed with unguided rockets S-8

First Mi-2MSB arrived to its home base in late 2020. 10th Naval Aviation Brigade receives its first Mi-2MSB helicopter

Ukrainian Military Portal reported that the helicopter arrived to Kulbakine airbase, outside Mykolayiv, in late 2020.

Mi-2MSB, civil variant (with composite-material nose section and engine cowl)

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The Mi-2MSB can be used for training new and existing pilots (and thus save the lifespan of more sophisticated and heavier helicopters Mi-8MSB-8 purchased in 2019), and it has the capability to provide transportation for personnel and supplies during day/night operations.

AI-450M/V engine
AI-450M/V engine and a list of improvements and upgrades featured in Mi-2MSB

The Mi-2MSB features 2 x Motor-Sich A-450V engines replacing aging Russian-built ITD-350s. The upgrade package additionally includes a number of improvements to airframe and replacement of key mission systems.

Mi-8MSB-V and Ka-226 helicopters
Mi-8MSB-V and Ka-226 helicopters, 10th Naval Aviation Brigade, Ukraine’s Navy / Photo Credit: Dmytro Udovyckyi

Defense- Express note: Deputy Defense Minister, Oleksandr Myronyuk told reporters, in January, that Ukraine’s Navy is anticipating the delivery of its first “fully digitalized” helicopter by late 2021. This will be upgraded from Mi-2 and developed optimized for ground take-off and landing.

Ada-Class corvettes
Ukraine, in late 2020, placed and order with Turkey to buy Ada-Class corvettes

Further plans up to 2023 are to develop a "corvette-based" variant of the Mi-2, featuring collapsible blades to enable deployment in the ship’s hangar bay. This will be developed in configurations optimized for SAR and anti-submarine operations.

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