Ukraine and russia Fight for the Strategically Important Gas and Oil Platforms in the Black Sea

Illustrative photo from open sources
Illustrative photo from open sources

Currently is underway a fighting between Ukrainian and russian naval and air forces for the gas and oil platforms in the Black Sea between Crimea and the city of Odesa - the so-called Boyko towers

According to the UK Ministry of Defence review from 27 August on Twitter, these platforms do not only "command valuable hydrocarbon resources" but, like on Zmiinyi (Snake) Island in the western part of the Black Sea, can also "be used as forward deployment bases, helicopter landing sites and to position long-range missile systems."

Uk intelligence recalled that last week, a Russian combat jet fired on a Ukrainian military small boat that was in the area of the so-called Boyko towers in the northwest of the sea.

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"Since Russia’s full-scale invasion in 2022, Ukraine has struck several Russia-controlled platforms. Both Russia and Ukraine have also periodically occupied them with troops," the review says.

Russia occupied the so-called Boyko towers during the annexation of Crimea in 2014.

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