The Five Key Differences Between the New Shahed Kamikaze Drones and the Old Version

Kamikaze drones of the Shahed type / Open sourse illustrative photo
Kamikaze drones of the Shahed type / Open sourse illustrative photo

russia is already using domestically produced kamikaze drones based on Iranian Shahed drones for strikes on Ukraine

At the beginning of July 2023, after one of the night occupiers attacks by Iranian Shahed kamikaze drones, it became known that the russians have begun using a "new type" of these UAVs against Ukraine.

They were assembled or entirely produced on the russia territory.

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It was established after the combat components examining of these UAVs.

Recently, Defense Express received a series of photos from their own sources, which allow to analysy their differences. We compared the "new" presumably russian-made strike drone (named "Geran-2" for convenience) and the iranian model (named Shahed).

The first thing to pay attention to is new markings of "Geran-2" (previously, there was a widely circulated photo with the antypical designation letter "М"). You can see it in the photo below. It differs from the markings of the Shahed with the letter "K."

kamikaze drone, Defense Express
The markings of the "new" version of the kamikaze drone (on top) and the "old" one, serial numbers painted over for security reasons

Regarding the main differences, a series of changes are in the "new" kamikaze drone pertain body. The "Geran-2" kamikaze drone images analysis shows that the new version has different body. It consists of interconnected elements. At the same time, Shahed was a whole.

kamikaze drone, Defense Express
Comparison of the tail mounting of the hypothetical "new" "Geran" (on top) and the old Shahed (below)

On one of the tail fragments of the "new" "Geran-2" kamikaze drone (photo above), there are openings for connecting parts of this UAV, which were absent in the "old" version.

These kamikaze drones also have a new type of material. In the old Shahed, it was printed "honeycomb," while in the new "Geran-2," they resemble "foam."

kamikaze drone, Defense Express
The "foam" in the "new" drone (on top) and "honeycomb" in the "old" version (below)

The new "Geran-2" has also received a new warhead. It is marked by Cyrillic instead of Latin and equipped with tungsten pellets.

The new warhead of the Geran-2 kamikaze drone, kamikaze drone, Defense Express
The new warhead of the Geran-2 kamikaze drone

The "Geran-2" UAV battery was also changed. Previously, it was Li-Ion 18650 batteries. In the "new" drone, it is a gel-based battery from the russian Delta Battery company.

The new gel battery in the Geran-2 kamikaze drone, kamikaze drone, Defense Express
The new gel battery in the Geran-2 kamikaze drone

The "new" "Geran-2" is also equipped with "Kometa" block. It provides protection against EW, which was not used in the Shahed before.

Based on these facts, Defense Express believes that russia has begun indeed use domestically produced kamikaze drones with own components for strikes against Ukraine. But currently it is unclear these individual drones are prototypes or serial production results.

It is necessity to note that Russia is already working on deploying production of kamikaze drones based on the Iranian Shahed.

As Defense Express reported, The UK Defense Intelligence Discovered the Route for Large Deliveries of Iranian Kamikaze Drones to russia.

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