SCALP Missile on an Audi Q7 and Storm Shadow Missile in an Armored Vehicle: What is it About?

SCALP Missile on an Audi Q7 and Storm Shadow Missile in an Armored Vehicle: What is it About?

Instead of trying to fit a 5-meter SCALP cruise missile into a 5-meter SUV, it's better to understand what is really being talked about

Firstly, how to fit a missile that is already 5.1 meters long and weighs 1300 kg into a 5-meter SUV. Secondly, why did this not bother anyone?

And finally, what did Ingo Gerhartz, the Air Force Inspector of the Bundeswehr, really say in a conversation that was eavesdropped on and leaked to the public by the russians.

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Specifically, the phrase "Q7," which stands for "QCen" - the use of an anglicism in the German language - refers to Quality control, as written by Inform Napalm.

In other words, no one is transporting any SCALP missiles on an Audi Q7. This is exclusively about methods of loading flight tasks into a cruise missile.

Storm Shadow/SCALP-EG missile, Defense Express
Storm Shadow/SCALP-EG missile under the wing of a Ukrainian Su-24M / Still frame credit: Ukrainian Air Force

From the side of Defense Express, we will remind that this is done on the ground and involves programming the missile's flight route, control points, as well as target signatures for its recognition by the missile's thermal imaging head.

And this is not just a final point for the strike; it's a route with changes in altitude and courses, taking into account the enemy's air defense positions.

At the same time, Inform Napalm, in the part concerning the British, translated that they exercise similar control "from reachback".

This moment in many translations of the conversation was presented as the fact that Storm Shadow missiles are transported in the Ridgback armored vehicle. However, it seems that the discussion, especially in context, is about "reach back," which most likely refers to the "feedback mode."

Ridgback armored vehicle, Defense Express
Ridgback armored vehicle

At least in this case, everything becomes much more logical than attempts to load SCALP cruise missile onto an Audi Q7.

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