Satellite Photos with Damaged russian Tu-95 Strategic Bomber Appeared in Network

Photo for illustration / Sources - ​Mark Krutov Twitter
Photo for illustration / Sources - ​Mark Krutov Twitter

Satellite images show that a fire on a strategic bomber had been put out at the Russian military airbase in Engels, Saratov Oblas

Mark Krutov, journalist of the Russian editorial office of Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty has posted pictures of the airfield in Engels dated 4 and 6 December. The photo dated 6 December shows several fire trucks and traces of foam near a Tu-95 strategic bomber.

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As Media informed, on 6 December, the American aerospace company Maxar posted satellite images of the Russian airbase in Engels near the city of Saratov, from which the Russian forces struck Ukraine.

On the morning of 5 December, Russian media reported that a fuel tanker exploded at an airfield in the Russian city of Ryazan, killing at least three people, and a drone also fell on bomber jets in Saratov Oblast.

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