​ISW Reveals How russia Lured Indians into War

Lured Indians in russia / screenshot from video
Lured Indians in russia / screenshot from video

Indians lured with fake job offers end up fighting in Ukraine

The Kremlin’s recruitment of Indian volunteers into the russian military is a deliberate effort to bolster its forces in Ukraine while avoiding an unpopular mobilization within russia. This campaign has lured many Indian nationals under false pretenses, coercing them into military service.

In February 2024, Indian officials sought the early discharge of 20 Indian nationals recruited by russia. Earlier, in March 2022, the Indian Central Bureau of Investigation uncovered a human trafficking network that lured Indians to russia for jobs but forced them into military service upon arrival.

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In March 2024, a group of Indian men posted a video plea for help from the Indian government, stating they were coerced into joining the russian Army and threatened with imprisonment. Recruiters had promised them permanent residency in russia after six months of combat service.

This recruitment is part of a broader Kremlin strategy, begun in Spring 2022, to reinforce its military without declaring a full mobilization. The Kremlin has used a variety of recruiters, including government officials, businessmen, private military companies, and foreign nationals, employing deceptive practices and incentives to enlist volunteers from countries like Nepal, Cuba, Serbia, and several Central Asian and African nations.

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