Day 17th of Ukraine's Defense Against Russian Aggression (Live Updates)

Defense Express collects operative information on Russia's invasion of Ukraine – official sources and senior Ukrainian servicemen's announcements
26th Artillery Brigade firing on Russian occupiers' positions / Photo credit: 26th Artillery Brigade named after General-Cornet Roman Dashkevich
26th Artillery Brigade firing on Russian occupiers' positions / Photo credit: 26th Artillery Brigade named after General-Cornet Roman Dashkevich

After 16 days of war everyone feels tired, President Zelenskyy said in his speech yesterday. But the fight continues. Putin and Lukashenka presidents met on March 11, arising concerns over a possible invasion of Belarussian Armed Forces into Ukraine in addition to Russian ones. Ukrainian Intelligence indicates such preparations. However, Belarussian servicemen haven't crossed Ukraine's border yet. They are hesitant whether they want to participate in Russia's crime against the Ukrainian people and humanity. At the same time, Ukraine tries once again to open "green corridors" to Mariupol city, where a humanitarian catastrophe is breaking out

Brief facts:

  • EU Council announced that Ukraine's application for EU membership via an accelerated procedure is impossible but ensured that they stand together with Ukraine against Russia's aggression and that "Ukraine belongs to our European family"
  • President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky voiced Ukrainian losses since the beginning of the Russian invasion – about 1,300 military personnel
  • occupiers plan to stage a sham 'referendum' for a fake 'people's republic' in Kherson


Latest news:

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23:57 Anton Gerashchenko, Adviser to the MIA of Ukraine: Sviatohirsk Cave Monastery in the Donetsk region (Eastern Ukraine) was shelled by the Russian occupiers.

According to the NEXTA media, there were women and children hiding there at the time of the shelling. Some of them were injured, no details yet.

23:45 Verkhovna Rada: occupiers are looting a humanitarian convoy sent to Mariupol, said Oleksandr Starukh, Head of the Zaporizhzhia region state administration. According to the official, on every block-post, the Russian military were forcefully taking away groceries, clothes, and personal care products. This is the fifth time people are trying to send help to Mariupol.

Defense Express / Evacuation train Poltava – Lviv: 17 hours in a train with all curtains closed, so that no light escapes and the train doesn’t become a target / Day 17th of Ukraine's Defense Against Russian Aggression (Live Updates)
Evacuation train Poltava – Lviv: 17 hours in a train with all curtains closed, so that no light escapes and the train doesn’t become a target / Photo credit: Telegram, operativnoZSU

22:56 Anton Gerashchenko: This is a picture from the corridor of one of the evacuation trains in Ukraine, from Poltava to Lviv. 17 hours in a train with all curtains closed, so that no light escapes and the train doesn’t become a target.

22:35 Center for Countering Disinformation: InformNapalm International Volunteer Community published Russia’s action plan to create a system of control over economic and political processes in Ukraine.

InformNapalm reports, the community received a document through insider channels, which, according to our sources, was circulated through high-ranking closed channels on the eve of the full-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine.

"These plans are failing due to the resilience of Ukrainian people and strength of their resistance, the mastery of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the support of all the people of good will who help us prevent the implementation of such plans," InformNapalm said.

The full document containing the occupiers' plans is available on the InformNapalm website.

Defense Express / InformNapalm published Russia’s failed
InformNapalm published Russia’s failed "Plan of Action for the establishment of a control system over the economic and political processes in Ukraine" / Illustration: InformNapalm

22:24 Since 1 March, 1,582 civilians have been killed by Russian round-the-clock shelling in Mariupol. 400,000+ people are currently under siege by Russian occupiers. The information is as of March 12, provided by Oleksiy Biloshytskiy, the First Deputy Chief of the Patrol Police Department of Ukraine, forwarded by Anton Gerashchenko.

22:13 Operational Command "North": over the past day, the Ukrainian military managed to capture and destroy a significant amount of enemy armored vehicles and vehicles. The exact numbers are not provided. Some of the Russians were neutralized, some surrendered. The seized enemy equipment joined Ukrainian armed units and is now actively used against invaders. Besides that, Ukrainian servicemen destroyed some of the Russian units that conducted missile air strikes on Chernihiv city.

Defense Express / A tank of Russian armed forces, seized by Ukrainian military in result of fighting near Chernihiv on March 12 / Day 17th of Ukraine's Defense Against Russian Aggression (Live Updates)
A tank of Russian armed forces, seized by Ukrainian military in result of fighting near Chernihiv on March 12 / Photo credit: Operational Command "North"

21:53 Stratcom Centre: press service of the Ivano-Frankivsk Regional Prosecutor's Office informs about two criminals who tried to create a "federative republic Ukraine." The conspirators were seeking 500 combatants with military action experience to seize administrative facilities, bridges, and other key infrastructure. They planned to organize a "national assembly" for pseudo-elections and establish their governing over a few regions of Western Ukraine. The plotters were detained by the Security Service of Ukraine.

21:14 CinC AF of Ukraine: Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine shared videos of Bayraktar TB2 unmanned aerial combat vehicle destroying Russian forces. The first one shows UACV attack enemy MLRS:

"Bayraktars in action! Hundreds of saved lives of our fellow citizens, especially civilians!" the Commander, General Valerii Zaluzhnyi wrote.

"Minus one command point of Russian occupation army on our territory. Welcome to hell!"

20:45 Ukraine NOW citing Defense intelligence of Ukraine: Russians fired on a convoy of women and children in the Kyiv region, the Defence Intelligence Agency of Ukraine reports. On March 11, during an attempt to evacuate people from the village of Peremoha, Kyiv region along an agreed "green" corridor, the occupiers shot dead a convoy of civilians consisting exclusively of women and children.

Seven people died, including one child. The exact number of the injured is currently unknown. After the shooting, the occupiers forced the remnants of the convoy to return to the village and did not let them out of the settlement. At present, it is almost impossible to establish contact with them, as well as provide humanitarian and medical aid.

20:38 MFA of Ukraine: Russia tries to stage a fake referendum for a puppet state, as it was in Crimea and Donbas in 2014. Ukrainian Foreign Affairs Minister Dmytro Kuleba wrote on Twitter:

"Following 2014 playbook, Russians now desperately try to organize a sham 'referendum' for a fake 'people's republic' in Kherson. Given zero popular support, it will be fully staged. Severe sanctions against Russia must follow if they proceed. Kherson is & will always be Ukraine."

Update (21:27): Ukraine NOW: an emergency meeting of the Regional Council was held in Kherson, where the deputies adopted a resolution that "Kherson region is Ukraine" and there will be no pseudo-republic in the region.

Verkhovna Rada: "Even the attempts to conduct such a pseudo-referendum will have absolutely nothing to do neither with the legislation of Ukraine, nor with such a particular form of direct democracy as a referendum," said Ruslan Stefanchuk, the Chairperson of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, and added: "Kherson, like any other Ukrainian city, is Ukraine – not only geographically, but also in its spirit and strength."

The full text of Ruslan Stefanchuk's commentary is available here.

19:45 The Operational Command "North": “The defenders managed to liberate two more populated localities, prevent the enemy from establishing a pontoon crossing, and restrain the enemy's intentions to advance towards Kyiv. As a result, we have more than 10 enemy equipment trophies,” was posted on Facebook.

Yesterday, the Ukrainian defenders liberated five more populated localities of Chernihiv region from the enemy.

19:02 The State Emergency Service: shelling by Russian troops continues in Severodonetsk and Rubizhne, Luhansk region, on Saturday, in Kreminna, a facility was damaged as a result of enemy shelling, one killed and two wounded were found.

"As a result of shelling in the city of Severodonetsk, a sports and general education school, an apartment in a multi-storey building, a store and a garage caught fire. Rescuers are putting out the fire. Shelling continues," the State Emergency Service said in a Telegram channel.

According to the State Emergency Service, some 11 residential buildings and one apartment in the town of Rubizhne caught fire due to shelling. "There was a fire in the workshop of the pipe plant and the cardboard and packaging plant. Rescuers are putting out fires and helping the population get out of the basements. The shelling of the city continues," the State Emergency Service said.

The result of enemy shelling in Severodonetsk
Severodonetsk was damaged as a result of enemy shelling

In the city of Kreminna, a building was damaged as a result of shelling, rescuers found one killed and two wounded.

"Rescuers of the State Emergency Service of Luhansk region are working on the verge of human capabilities, but, despite enemy shelling, they continue to carry out their assigned tasks and help the civilian population."

18:20 General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine released video how Ukrainian UAV Bayraktar TB2 continue to destroy russian equipment. This time it is a self-propelled multiple rocket launcher system "Ураган" ("Hurricane", 9P140) of the occupiers.

17:54 President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky voiced Ukrainian losses during an interview with foreign journalists : "We have killed about 1,300 military personnel, and more than 12,000 in Russia. One in ten. I'm not happy that 12,000 of them died. This is not my vision of the world".

17:27 President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky, has commented on the technical negotiation process between the Ukrainian and Russian delegations on ending the war. He said that at present, a conversation has started from the Russian side, not ultimatums.

"Our diplomats are working and discussing the details of the agenda that may be between us and Russia... You know, from the very beginning there were some ultimatums from the Russian side, we did not agree to them. The war deepened, there was no quick operation in three or four days... Now they have already started talking about something, and not throwing ultimatums," Zelensky said during a conversation with foreign journalists in Kyiv on Saturday.

At the same time, Zelensky said "world leaders should know that the thousands of people who killed in Ukraine, this happened due to the fact that Russia has not once confirmed the possibility of a meeting."

"And this is their responsibility entirely," he said.

16:10 Forbes: Ukrainian army has destroyed RF military equipment for $5.1 billion since the Russian invasion. Among this equipment are 58 aircraft, 83 helicopters, 363 tanks, and 1,205 armored combat vehicles. Forbes estimates the value of all lost equipment in the war with Ukraine is almost 700 billion rubles.

15:55 Deputy of Kherson Regional Council Serhiy Khlan: The Russian occupiers are planning to hold a pseudo-referendum on the territories of Kherson region temporarily occupied by them to proclaim the so-called KhNR.

"In Kherson region, they prepare a referendum on the creation of KhNR," Khlan wrote on Facebook on Saturday.

According to him, the occupiers call deputies of the Kherson regional council on the phone with the question "are they ready to cooperate with the invaders?"

"I appeal to all the deputies of Kherson Regional Council. Dear colleagues, I am sure that you understand the consequences of your decision. The creation of KhNR will turn our region into a hopeless hole without life and future. Do not give them a single vote! Do not give them any opportunity to legitimize KhNR... Enter the history of Ukraine not as traitors whom nobody wants, but truly as citizens whose names will be remembered by the next generations," Khlan said.

14:43 President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky: Losses of invaders in Ukraine amazing - Zelensky

President of Ukraine said in a video message on Saturday, March 12, that the losses of Russian troops in Ukraine are colossal, this is the biggest blow to the Russian army in decades.

"The losses of the Russian troops are colossal. The dynamics of the losses of the invaders on the 17th day is already such that we can confidently say: this is the biggest blow to the Russian army in decades. They never had so many losses in such a number of days," Zelensky said.

According to him, since the beginning of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, 31 enemy battalion tactical groups have lost their combat capability.

"The Russian military surrender not just alone, but in whole groups... The losses of the invaders in technical capabilities are just amazing. More than 360 tanks. A total of 1,205 armored vehicles. And this is without counting the losses in the battles this night and in the morning. Already about 60 aircraft. More than 80 helicopters. Hundreds and hundreds of units of other equipment. In particular, the most modern designs that Russia is proud of," he said.

As the president emphasized, "the majority of the world's armies do not have as much of everything as the Russian troops lost during the invasion."

13:40 The Mayor of Kyiv Vitali Klitschko: Kyiv prepares for defense, reserve of food, medicine, essential goods being created.

Kyiv continues to prepare for defense, a reserve of food, medicines, essential goods is being created, and critical infrastructure is ensured, Mayor Vitali Klitschko said.

"Friends! Dear Kyiv residents! The capital, near which the fighting continues, is preparing for defense. We continue to strengthen checkpoints, create reserves of food, medicine and essential goods," Klitschko said in a video message on his Telegram channel.

According to him, for the third day the capital helps Kyiv region in evacuation of residents of Hostomel, Bucha, Vorzel, Irpin.

The city provides passenger transport - buses. And Kyiv rescuers meet people at the railway station. And those who want to leave Kyiv are sent further by train to Western Ukraine.

The mayor of Kyiv said: "We also continue to ensure the operation of the critical infrastructure of the city, the life of the capital."

13:30 The Embassy of Ukraine in the Republic of Turkey: The Mosque of Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent and his wife Roxolana (Hurrem Sultan) has been shelled by Russian invaders in the city of Mariupol.

The relevant statement was made by the Embassy of Ukraine in the Republic of Turkey on Twitter.

Ukrainian mosque shelled, war in Ukraine, Russian-Ukrainian war, Defense Express
The Mosque of Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent and his wife Roxolana

“The mosque of Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent and his wife Roxolana (Hurrem Sultan) in Mariupol was shelled by Russian invaders. More than 80 adults and children are hiding there from the shelling, including citizens of Turkey,” the report states.

A reminder that, as of March 11, 2022, Mariupol City Council reported that a total of 86 Turkish citizens, including 34 children, were hiding in the mosque.

13.25 Mayor of Vasylkiv Natalia Balasynovych: Russian invaders launch eight missiles on airfield in Vasylkiv

The enemy has launched eight missiles on an airfield in the city of Vasylkiv, Kyiv Region.

Russian invaders launch eight missiles on airfield in Vasylkiv early mornuing on Saturday, March 12, Day 17th of Ukraine's Defense Against Russian Aggression, Defense Express
Russian invaders launch eight missiles on airfield in Vasylkiv early mornuing on Saturday, March 12

The relevant statement was made by Vasylkiv Mayor Natalia Balasynovych on Facebook, - Ukrinform reports.

“Today, at about 07:00 a.m., the enemy shelled the city of Vasylkiv. Eight missiles hit the airport. As a result, the airport was completely destroyed,” Balasynovych told.

In her words, the airport’s runway was destroyed. One missile hit an ammunition depot, and shells are now exploding. A warehouse with fuels and oils was also destroyed.

As the Kyiv region police reported earlier, the enemy had fired at least six missiles near the military airfield in Vasylkiv.

13:23 The Head of the Investigative Department of the Main Department of the National Police of Ukraine in Kharkiv Region Serhii Bolvinov: The Russian military have shelled a school near Oleksiivka in the city of Kharkiv.

Damaged school in Lutsk, Russia's shelling, war in Ukraine, Russian-Ukrainian war, Defense Express, close the sky over Ukraine
Damaged school after Russia's shelling

The relevant statement was made by the Head of the Investigative Department of the Main Department of the National Police of Ukraine in Kharkiv Region Serhii Bolvinov, on his



“Another act of ‘denazification’, committed by the occupiers. Now it is a school near Oleksiivka. The Russian propaganda will never be able to explain artillery shelling on schools, maternity hospitals and sports complexes. And we will never forget or forgive,” Bolvinov stressed.

13.20 General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine: Operational information on 12.00, 12.03.2022 regarding the russian invasion to Ukraine

The seventeenth day of the heroic resistance of the Ukrainian people to the russian military invasion continues.

The enemy continues its offensive against Ukraine.

Having suffered losses in the Polissya, Siversky, and Pivdennobuzhsky directions, it stopped at the previously reached frontiers, regrouped troops, restored the combat capability of his units, and replenished it reserves.

Failing to achieve its goals, it continues to launch missile and bomb strikes on critical infrastructure.

The enemy did not conduct offensive operations in the Volyn direction. The military leadership of the Republic of Belarus is taking measures to strengthen the protection of the border with Ukraine. The possibility of direct participation of the armed forces of the Republic of Belarus in hostilities against Ukraine on the side of russia remains.

No active actions by the enemy have been recorded in the Polissya direction. After significant losses, the russian occupiers are taking measures to restore combat readiness and regroup troops.

In the northern direction, the enemy carries out engineering equipment of positions in the areas of Mykhailo-Kotsyubynske, Levkovychi, Zhukotka, Hrodna (Chernihiv region).

In the Slobozhansky direction, the occupiers did not succeed in trying to resume offensive operations.

The enemy has established itself in the northern part of the city of Izyum, does not abandon attempts to capture it.

In the Donetsk and Tavriya directions, the main efforts of the occupiers were focused on capturing the cities of Mariupol and Severodonetsk. The enemy captured the eastern outskirts of Mariupol.

After an unsuccessful assault on the village of Rubizhne, the occupiers retreated to settlement Capytolivka.

In the Volnovakha direction, the enemy is trying to develop an offensive in the direction of settlement Krasna Polyana. Made an attempt to move in the direction of settlement Olhynka.

According to available data, the occupying forces that attacked in the Donetsk operational area met with strong resistance from the Armed Forces of Ukraine and lost offensive capabilities.

In the South Bug direction the enemy doesn't leave attempts of restoration of offensive actions for the purpose of encirclement of Mykolayiv.

In support of the offensive, the invaders tried to deploy units of missile forces and artillery and air defense. They were unsuccessful. The enemy retreated to the area of the village of Mylove, carried out engineering equipment of occupied positions and drew up reserves.

12:29 1st Separate Tank Brigade: One more enemy aircraft downed in Chernihiv Region.

The Armed Forces of Ukraine have shot down one more enemy Su-34 bomber.

The relevant statement was made by the 1st Separate Tank Siverskyi Brigade on Facebook.

“The air defense forces have liquidated an enemy aircraft! One more Russia’s Su-34 will no longer harm civilians. Trust in your defenders!” the report states.

A reminder that, on March 11, 2022, Ukrainian defenders shot down an enemy Su-34 aircraft near the city of Chernihiv.

12.15 Air Force Command of UA Armed Forces: Four Russian helicopters, drone, Su-34 fighter-bomber destroyed by Ukrainian anti-aircraft gunners, aircraft in past 24 hours

During the day, on March 11, Ukrainian anti-aircraft gunners and aircraft destroyed four enemy helicopters and a drone, inflicted up to ten strikes on columns of Russian equipment, and destroyed a Su-34 fighter-bomber, the Command of the Air Force of the Armed Forces of Ukraine reported.

"On March 11, a tactical group consisting of Su-24m bombers, Su-25 attack aircraft, and Mi-24 helicopters of army aviation carried out up to ten raids on columns of enemy equipment, during which they delivered powerful missile and bomb strikes on armored vehicles and manpower of the Russian invaders," the Air Force Command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine said on Facebook on Saturday night.

It is also reported that the fighter aviation of the Air Force of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on Su-27 and MiG-29 aircraft, with a significant numerical advantage of the enemy, conducted up to ten air battles in several directions and returned without losses. Nine medium and short range air-to-air missiles were fired at enemy aircraft.

It is noted that the Buk-M1 and S-300 anti-aircraft missile units hit five air targets: the Forpost unmanned aerial vehicle and four occupant helicopters. Information is still being specified.

"There is also information from the air defense of the Pivnich operational command about the defeat of the Russian Su-34 fighter-bomber in Chernihiv region," the message reads.

12:00 Lutsk Mayor Ihor Polishchuk: Lutsk airfield is completely destroyed.

The statement was made live on Suspilne, saying the military airfield in Lutsk, which was hit by four enemy missiles on March 11, has been completely destroyed.

Ukrainian Lutsk airfield destroyed, war in Ukraine, Russian-Ukrainian war, close the sky over Ukraine, Defense Express
Lutsk airfield

"It is difficult to say why these air strikes were carried out, as our airfield was put out of operation on February 24 when it was shelled for the first time. It could no longer be used. Now the airfield is completely destroyed. They hit a fuel warehouse. The airfield was probably fired at again only to increase panic and fear among the population," Polishchuk said.

He also added that residential buildings are located only a few hundred meters from the airfield. So far people have been advised not to evacuate as there is nothing left at the airfield to shoot at.

Defense Express memo: On March 11, four missiles hit a military airport. The shelling killed four servicemen and wounded six others.

11:50 The head of the Cherkasy Regional State Administration, Ihor Taburets: A missile was shot down over the Cherkasy region on March 11.

The head of the Cherkasy Regional State Administration, Ihor Taburets, said this on the administration's Telegram channel.

"The wreckage of the rocket fell in the yard, damaging a house and several cars. But there are no victims among the population due to timely notification and coordinated reaction of the community," the statement said.

Taburets called on locals not to post on social media the photos and videos of damage and other consequences of the war with details, so that the enemy cannot correct his actions.

10:50 General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine: The total combat losses of the enemy from 24.02 to 12.03:

So far, the list is the following:

Personnel - more 12 000,

Tanks ‒ 362 units,

APV ‒ 1205 units,

Artillery systems – 135 units,

MLRS – 62 units,

Anti-aircraft warfare systems - 33 units,

Aircraft – 58 units,

Helicopters – 83 units,

Vehicles - 585 units,

Boats / cutters - 3 units,

Fuel tanks - 60,

UAV operational-tactical level - 7.

Data are being updated. The calculation is complicated by the high intensity of hostilities.

11:21 Ukreine’s Prosecutor General's Office: 79 children killed in Ukraine so far.

At least 79 children were killed and almost 100 were injured after Russia launched a large-scale invasion of Ukraine on February 24.

The Prosecutor General's Office said on its official account on Facebook, referring to juvenile prosecutors.

Most affected children are in the Kyiv, Kharkiv, Donetsk, Sumy, Kherson and Zhytomyr regions. These data are not final as it is impossible to inspect the areas of shelling where the Russian armed forces are conducting active hostilities.

So far, more than 280 educational institutions have been destroyed, and nine of them have been completely destroyed. Some 110 educational institutions were damaged in the Donetsk region, 28 in the Sumy region, 17 in Kyiv and more than ten children's medical institutions.

On average, during the war, Russian invaders destroy 17 educational institutions every day. As a result, seven million children have been deprived of the opportunity to study due to active hostilities in Ukraine and the deliberate destruction of such institutions.

Juvenile prosecutors continue to record all crimes committed by the Russian armed forces against children.

11:00 The 128th Independent Mountain Assault Zakarpattya Brigade unveiled a video how its artillery shelling Russian army: Russian armored vehicles are dispersing like cockroaches.

The artillery of the 128th Mountain Assault Brigade successfully shelled armored vehicles of the Russian Army. There are direct strikes to the tank and two infantry fighting vehicles. For a some time after the strike, the damaged vehicles are still moving covered with smoke, then they stop and the troops escape. Other armored vehicles and tanks scatter from the fire of our artillery like cockroaches.

10:50 Deputy Head of the President's Office Kyrylo Tymoshenko: Melitopol residents rally demanding to free the Mayor kidnapped by Russian occupiers.

According deputy head of the President's Office Kyrylo Tymoshenko over 2,000 residents of Melitopol, a city in Zaporizhzhia Oblast, gathered near the city administration building on March 12 for a protest. Tymoshenko said that Melitopol Mayor Ivan Fedorov was kidnapped by Russian forces a day earlier.

10:39 Enemy fires at least six missiles near airfield in VasylkivV

The enemy fired at least six missiles near the military airfield in Vasylkiv, the Kyiv region – Ukrinform reports citing the Kyiv region police.

"A powerful air strike on Vasylkiv. Today, March 12, at around 07:00, the enemy dropped at least six missiles in the area of the military airfield. An ammunition depot was damaged. Shells are exploding. A fire broke out," the statement reads.

Rescuers are working on the spot. Police are determining whether there is any damage to nearby houses.

Information about victims is being clarified.

Earlier reports said that an oil depot in Vasylkiv caught fire after an air strike.

10:25 Bayraktar drone destroys EW system in Kyiv region

The Ukrainian army used a Bayraktar TB2 UAV to destroy a Russian electronic warfare system in Kyiv region.

Valeriy Zaluzhny, Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, reported this on Facebook.

"Our Bayraktar TB2 operators have skillfully 'worked out' the enemy's EW system in the Kyiv region," he said.

On March 11, the Ukrainian Air Force destroyed an enemy control point in the Kyiv region.

10:23 The Skhid (East) Air Command press service: Another cruise missile to be intercepted.

Russian cruise missile shot down over Ukraine, Defense Express, close the sky over Ukraine, war in Ukraine
Illustrative photo

Recently The Skhid (East) Air Command has informed On Facebook that 138th Dnieper Anti-Aircraft Missile Brigade managed to intercept Russian cruise missile over Dnipro city.

“The increasing number of air strikes is a consequence of significant losses among Russian troops”, they say. Ukrainians are asked to be calm since Ukrainian Air Force guards are watching the sky 24/7.

UPDATE: As of 12:20 not one, but two cruise missiles have been confirmed to be shot down over city Dnipro.

10:20 Serhii Haidai, the Head of the Luhansk regional military administration: Russian invaders are constantly firing at the town of Sievierodonetsk in the Luhansk region, using Grad multiple launch rocket systems.

09:45 Oleksiy Kuleba, the head of the Kyiv Regional State Administration, said on Telegram: "An oil depot is on fire in Vasylkiv after an air strike. In the village of Kriachky, the occupier fired at the oil depot at night,". Earlier, a warehouse for frozen products caught fire in the village of Kvitneve, Brovary district, Kyiv region, after enemy shelling.

09:13 Petro Kotin, head of Energoatom, said that the Zaporizhzhya NPP had gathered management staff and said that the station was now owned by Rosatom.

08:19 Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Major General Valerii Zaluzhnyi released on his official Facebook page video, how the Ukrainian military in the Kyiv region destroyed russian EW system by the help of Bayraktar TB2 UAV.

07:35 Captured Russian military pilot confessed to bombing civilians in Ukraine. He confirmed that he received a direct assignment with the coordinates of residential buildings. Russian troops are attacking peaceful Ukrainians. Close the sky – save thousands of lifes.

07:10 General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine: Operational information on 06.00, 12.03.2022 regarding the russian invasion. Ukraine's defense forces are repelling and holding back the offensive of the russian armed forces in all directions. The enemy, in the Polissya, Siversky, and Pivdennobuzhsky operational areas, has heavy losses in manpower and equipment, has been stopped and is trying to gain a foothold on the previously captured frontiers.

In the Donetsk direction, during the attempts to advance, the occupiers received a decent rebuff from the Ukrainian Defenders and were stopped in some directions, in the rest - the enemy significantly reduced the pace of advance.

Since the beginning of hostilities, thirty-one battalion-tactical groups of the enemy operating on the territory of Ukraine have lost their combat capability.

As a result of hostilities, most units of the Armed Forces of the russian federation that had direct fire contact with units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine are demoralized, the moral and psychological condition of personnel continues to decline, there are cases of capture by individual groups. During the last three days, small groups of enemy deserters have been moving towards the state border.

The enemy is experiencing a big problem with manning the reserve.

The Armed Forces of Ukraine, in coordinated cooperation with other components of the security and defense sector of the state and the forces of national resistance, are restraining the massive offensive of the occupying forces.

06:45 The Center for Countering Disinformation at the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine: "Total unemployment awaits the Russians. As a result of Russia's aggression against Ukraine and sanctions imposed by our Western partners, the Russians have already lost about 100,000 jobs. And this is just the beginning," the statement said in Telegram.

06:00 Kyrylo Budanov, Head of the Chief Directorate of Intelligence of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine: The Russian aggressor is working on two variants for nuclear blackmail, and in any case intends to blame Ukraine.

"We have information about the development of two variants. Which one they choose depends on them. The first is the large-scale burning of radioactive forests, a radioactive cloud will rise immediately and go to the wind direction. The second is the use of artillery against nuclear storage. The result will be the same. In the first case, in the second case, the Russian leadership aims to blame Ukraine, and its "nazi", "neo-nazi" formations, which do not really exist here," Budanov said in interview Ukrinform.

04:30 Dmytro Zhyvytskyy, the Head of the Sumy Regional Military Administration: 104 Russian invaders were taken prisoner in Sumy region. "As of March 11, there are 104 captured Russian servicemen in Sumy region ... of which 74 are available, 1 was exchanged, and 29 prisoners were transferred to Poltava region," Dmytro Zhyvytskyy posted on Facebook.

03:23 Over the past eight years, Russia has become the target of more sanctions than a number of countries over seven decades. As the Center for Countering Disinformation posted on Telegram, Russia has become the target of more sanctions over past eight years than North Korea, Myanmar, Chile, Cuba, China, Iran, and Syria over 70 years.

"The process of lifting sanctions is not very fast. In addition, some sanctions, like those against Cuba, may last for decades," the Center noted.

Consequences of sanctions for the Russian Federation (Western opinion, The New York Times): after the imposition of sanctions in 2014, Russia's gross domestic product fell by 2%; after the recent sanctions, the Russian economy is experiencing difficulties; the country is expected to default.

The timing is different. According to the most optimistic forecasts for Russia, its bankruptcy may occur no earlier than May.

02:10 Air Force Command of UA Armed Forces: On March 11, an air group of Ukrainian AF consisting of Su-24M bombers, Su-25 attack aircraft, and Mi-24 helicopters carried out up to ten successful raids on russian columns of armored vehicles and other military equipment on the territory of Ukraine.

Su-27 and MiG-29 aircraft of the Air Force of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, with a significant numerical enemy advantage, conducted up to ten air battles in several directions and returned without losses. Nine medium-range and short-range air-to-air missiles were fired at enemy aircraft.

Surface-to-air missile systems Buk-M1 and S-300 hit five air targets: "Forpost" UAV and 4 helicopters of the enemy.

Also, air defense of the Operational command "North" defeated a russian fighter-bomber Su-34 in the Chernihiv region.

00:51 Ukrainian Land Forces: soldiers of the 93rd Separate Motorized Brigade "Kholodnyi Yar" seized a Russian tank. Here is how they recite what happened:

The Russians were going across a plowed field. There were 2 tanks, 3 self-propelled artillery vehicles, a TOS-1 "Buratino" MLRS, 2 MT-LBs, and 2 fuel tanks. They dug a furrow in the field and got stuck in it. When Ukrainian forces opened fire, Russian invaders fleed away leaving the machinery. The infantry of the 93rd Brigade dug the T-80 BVM tank out, drove it away, and made it a Ukrainian Army's trophy. The servicemen said they have never been enlisted to a tank squadron, but managed to crank the tank.


February, 24: Russian President Vladimir Putin authorized a "special military operation" against Ukraine. A number of cities of Ukraine suffered a missile attack. Missiles hit several military facilities in Kyiv, Kharkiv, Dnipro cities. In a few hours, martial law was imposed in Ukraine.

The war lasts for two weeks now. An impressive rundown of the first days of war was provided by the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy. Here is an excerpt from his address to the Parliament of the United Kingdom:

"13 days of our defense.

On the first day at 4 am, cruise missiles were fired at us. So that everyone woke up - we, the children, all of us, living people, all of Ukraine. And we haven't slept since. We all took up arms becoming a large army.

The next day we fought off attacks in the air, on land and at sea. And our heroic border guards on Zmiinyi Island in the Black Sea told everyone about the end of the war. Namely: where the enemy will go in the end. When a Russian ship demanded that our guys lay down their weapons, they answered him... As firmly as one cannot say in the parliament. And we felt the power. Great power of our people who will persecute the invader to the end.

On the third day, Russian troops openly fired at people and apartment buildings without hiding. Used artillery, air bombs. And it finally showed us, showed the world who is who. Who are great people and who are just savages.

On the fourth day, when we have already begun to take dozens of prisoners, we have not lost our dignity. We didn’t abuse them. We treat them like people. Because we remained human on the fourth day of this shameful war.

On the fifth day, the terror against us has already become outright. Against cities, against small towns. Ruined districts. Bombs, bombs, bombs, again bombs on houses, on schools, on hospitals. This is genocide. Which did not break us. It mobilized each and every one of us. And it gave us a sense of great truth.

On the sixth day, Russian missiles hit Babyn Yar. This is the place where the Nazis executed 100,000 people during World War II. 80 years later, Russia killed them for a second time.

On the seventh day, we realized they were destroying even the churches. Using bombs! Rockets again. They do not know the holy and great as we know.

On the eighth day, the world saw Russian tanks firing at a nuclear power plant. The largest in Europe. And the world began to understand that this is terror against all. This is a great terror.

On the ninth day, we listened to a meeting of NATO countries. Without the desired result for us. Without courage. That's how we felt - I don't want to offend anyone - we felt that alliances don't work. They can't even close the sky. That is why security guarantees in Europe must be built from scratch.

On the tenth day, unarmed Ukrainians protested everywhere in the occupied cities. Stopping armored vehicles with bare hands. We have become unbreakable.

On the eleventh day, when residential areas were already bombed, when everything was destroyed by explosions, when children were evacuated from a damaged children's oncology hospital... We realized: Ukrainians became heroes. Hundreds of thousands of people. Entire cities. Children, adults - all.

On the twelfth day, when the losses of the Russian army have already exceeded 10,000 killed, the general also appeared in this number. And this gave us confidence: for all crimes, for all shameful orders, there will still be responsibility before the International Court or Ukrainian weapons.

On the thirteenth day, a child died in Russian-occupied Mariupol. Died of dehydration. They do not allow food or water to people. They just blocked it - and people are in the basements. I think everyone hears: people don't have water there!"

The full address is available here.

Key points regarding the current state of warfare:

  • Ukraine managed to establish the defense, Russian offense has stalled
  • Belarus provides its lands to Russian troops and equipment; still hasn't joined the war directly
  • Russia uses terroristic methods of war, shelling civilian facilities where there are no military facilities nearby, keeping cities in a full blockade, and sabotaging humanitarian corridors
  • Russian army targets nuclear power plants; Chernobyl NPP and Zaporizhzhia NPP are seized by occupiers; military activities by Russian forces near power plant was described by Ukraine as nuclear terrorism
  • Ukraine urges NATO to close the sky over Ukraine or at least provide air defense equipment
  • Ukraine appealed for EU membership via an accelerated procedure. The EU Council summit concluded that such a fast-track application process is impossible, yet they stated that "Ukraine belongs to the European Union"
  • Ukrainian citizens in the occupied cities rally against Russians; thousands of civilian volunteers join the Territorial Defense of the Armed Forces of Ukraine; the fighting has become a national struggle for survival
  • Ukraine has had three rounds of negotiations with Russia; still, no significant progress towards ceasefire and peace, the main question, for now, is establishing humanitarian corridors for the supply of aid and evacuation of civilians
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