After Entering Poland, russian Missile Was Cruising Right Above a Patriot Deployment Site and U.S. Army Base

Patriot of the German Army / Photo credit: Bundeswehr
Patriot of the German Army / Photo credit: Bundeswehr

The incident with a russian cruise missile entering Polish airspace is more than just a "demonstration of power" on the side of russia because it happened near military bases used by the USA and Bundeswehr

The situation involving the presence of a russian cruise missile in Poland near the city of Zamosc on December 29 has potential strategic implications, extending beyond the sheer fact hostile weapons can freely fly in and out NATO airspace.

The incident follows a previous event in December 2022 when a russian Kh-55 attack missile crashed near Bydgoszcz, flying 450 km into Polish airspace. The crash became officially known in May 2023 when the ex-Minister of Defense of Poland reported the results of the inspection. However, the situation this time might be even more interesting.

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Military sites near Zamosc
Military sites near Zamosc / Map credits: Artur Rosiński, NewsMap.pl, Defence24.pl

First of all, on December 29, 2023, the wreckage of the missile from the recent incident was reportedly searched for in the areas of Komarów and Wolka-Labunska, the latter located 10 km from Zamość, Defence24 reports.

Notably, the Zamosc area had hosted a German Patriot air defense system earlier in the year, deployed by the Luftwaffe as officially announced.

While the location of the Patriot system was not explicitly stated in the message, later Luftwaffe simply revealed where exactly it was. Such a forthright disclosure was caused by the fact Patriot was already leaving that spot after ending the shift on duty.

The German Patriot units left the Zamosc area in November, and a month later, a russian cruise missile was detected flying over the region.

Additionally, near Zamosc, there is a small U.S. military base associated with the local Zamość EPZA aero club (noted on the map as Lotnisko Zamość-Mokre). This airfield has been reportedly used by the U.S. Army since 2022. Particularly by the 82nd Airborne Division who was also seen use the training ground (No. 3391) north of the city.

These factors raise questions about whether directing the missile through this part of Poland was a deliberate action by the russian federation. Apart from increasing the tension, it could have a practical implication aimed at assessing the air defense capabilities of NATO countries.

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