Infographic: 10 Record Long-Range Strikes on russia

Infographic: 10 Record Long-Range Strikes on russia

On July 5, the Centre for Strategic Communications StratCom Ukraine published a map of 10 record long-range strikes on russia over the first six months of 2024

The infographic shows that the farthest target was located in Orsk, Orenburg Oblast, 1800 km away.

Although the map indicates that the attacks were primarily conducted from the Kharkiv and Sumy regions, Stratcom clarified that these markings are symbolic.

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The message states that dozens of deep strikes have been systematically occurring for more than six months using Ukrainian weaponry. Thus, the use of Western-manufactured arms will not cross any additional imaginary "red lines."

"By gradually enhancing the capabilities of the Ukrainian military defense industry, the Ukrainian defense forces are steadily increasing the range and effectiveness of their strikes. The permission to use Western armament systems will expand Ukraine's defense capabilities and accelerate the conclusion of the russian-Ukrainian war," as stated in the post.

"Stratcom Ukraine also cannot confirm that behind each of these strikes are specifically the Ukrainian defense forces, rather than guerrillas or dissatisfied russians with their government."

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