Running Out of Prisoners in russia: Suspects Now Sent to Ukraine for Utilized Without Trial

russian occupiers / Open source photo
russian occupiers / Open source photo

The leadership of the Investigative Committee of the russian federation and the Ministry of Terror have launched another scheme to fill the ranks of the Kremlin’s thinning army

The idea is to force the accused and suspects to sign a contract with the Ministry of Terror. They promise that in exchange for the termination of the criminal case on rehabilitative grounds.

This is reported by the Center of National Resistanc.

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Police will also “offer” to go to war to people under administrative supervision. In doing so, they will have to report to their superiors on the number of offers and signed contracts.

A russian prisoner sent for utilized in Ukraine

This scheme is already in place in all regions of russia, including the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine. Ukrainians are the first “victims” of this innovation.

Since russia is already running out of prisoners, suspects are now being used. So to speak, they are doomed to be utilized in Ukraine without trial.

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